10 Acts In A Relationship That Are Small but very Significant

Sep 26
10 Acts In A Relationship That Are Small but very Significant.

In relationships you will find two distinctly different kinds of people – the ones who pay close attention to detail and the ones who don’t.  Although the first kind of people are the not the ones who are likely to spend a lot of money on expensive holidays and gifts for special occasions, they are the ones who are likely to do the small things like pick up your prescription from the pharmacy if you are too busy or really look after you when you are ill.

The people who pay attention to the fine details in your life together are the ones who you can rely on to be there and support you when you need it most.  They are the people who realize that by doing the smaller things that may not even be registered as much shows how much they really love you and want to do things because they love you.

If you are looking to improve your relationship by doing smaller acts of love and devotion that are more important than big, grand gestures – see the list below for some great examples.

 1. Give Your Partner Love Notes

Although love notes are more the MO of young teenagers in love, it doesn’t mean that you should stop doing them when you are older.  In fact that is even more of a good reason why you should.  Because your partner is probably not going to expect to find a small piece paper on their desk or in their handbag that reads “I love you” or “I miss you”.  They are small, cost nothing and can be left anywhere as a nice surprise for your significant other. Besides there are thousands of Romantic and Love quotes for couples out there on internet, try them. 

2. Really Listen

When you are in a serious and healthy relationship with someone, you both rely on one another for advice, guidance and of course, love.  There are many times when all it takes is simply sitting down and really listening attentively to what they have to say.  Giving your partner the freedom to speak openly about their day, their feelings and thoughts will show them how much you love them more than your own words could.

3. Do The Things They Ask You To Do

Regardless of whether it is eating in a restaurant that serves food from a cuisine you are not particularly fond of, going to see that musical or ballet they really want to see or sitting and watching their favourite TV show even if it’s something you don’t like; do it and don’t have a bad attitude about it.

The strongest and best relationships are built upon a foundation of compromise and this means that there will be times you should do things you probably don’t want to but, do them anyway because you know it will make your partner happy.  The result is that not only will they get to do the thing they wanted, but they will enjoy it more because of the effort you put in to ensure that they were happy and that they got to do it with you.

4. Send A Loving Text First Thing In Morning

When you send a simple text message to your partner at the start of the day, it not only says to them “good morning” but also “when I woke up, the first person I thought about was you.”

5. Be Reliable And Do What You Say

Sometimes there is stigma attached to reliability because it feels safe and a little boring.  However, in a relationship you need to be able to rely on the person you love.  You need to know they are going to be there to support you and help you when you really need it and vice versa.

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