Get paid to take surveys with 10 best survey sites

Dec 31
Best Survey Sites

Here I am going to tell you, how you can utilize your free time to get paid to take surveys online with ten best survey sites.

Best Survey Sites

We always have some  free time, specially when we are on holiday breaks. Evening sometimes gets bored with nothing to do at hand. so why not use our free time the best way possible , why not turn that free time into cash!

Well, paid survey online is an opportunity that everyone can take advantage of, regardless of his/her age or professions. You may not be rich by taking paid surveys but you can make some extra money by utilizing your free times.

There are hundreds of paid online survey sites that allure to make you some extra money every month but few of them are found to be legit survey sites.

With that in mind, I have come up with a list of the  Best survey sites that have been tested and reviewed by many of our users and viewers. I personally have also tested these sites and I am going to reveal the truth about how much you can realistically expect to earn from these sites individually. I am also going to provide you with some helpful tips (at the bottom of the article) to maximize your earning.

Sign up for all the survey sites listed below for better earning. Remember all these sites listed below are free. They are tested, tried and genuine.


List of 10 Best survey sites

1. Harris Poll Online

This site is one of my favorite paid survey sites.

Quick overview:

  • One of the leading and oldest market research companies in the world
  • Their minimum cash out is only $1
  • They pay via cheque
  • You can easily complete survey from your mobile
  • Generally they provide 7-10 invite every week.
  • They got reputation for inviting survey panelists for local focus groups in their area that can generate you up to $80 for 2 hours participation.

        Harris Poll Online Review


2. Toluna

There are numerous benefits of  this site and I personally think this site is the must to give a try.

Quick Overview:

  • They pay you for providing your opinion about different leading companies’ products of your country.
  • You may receive rewards of free products, Amazon vouchers or prize draws
  • 500 bonus points for sign up
  • Provide 500-30,000 points per offer.
  • Every 80000 points will get you £15 or equivalent in $
  • Minimum cash out is $20 via Paypal or through retail vouchers
  • Around 15 minutes required to complete each survey.


3. My survey

This is the site I do work with most.

Quick Overview:

  • One of the Big names of online paid survey companies.
  • Paid more than $16 million in 2013
  • Even pay you for watching video.
  • Your earned points don’t get expired before 2 years.
  • You will receive on average 10 invitations per week.
  • $1- $2 average payment
  • Minimum payment $5
  • Payment via paypal, amazon or high -street vouchers
  • Average survey takes about 15 minutes to complete.


4. CashCrate

Quick Overview:

  • Over 4 million people’s network
  • A regular member can earn up to $450 per month only from this site
  • Easy Cash Offers
  • Fun Contests
  • Games for Cash and Prizes
  • One of The Most Popular Online Social Rewards Communities


5. Inbox Dollars

Is one of the sites that pay you for fun and some kind of silly activities. I really enjoy working with this site.

Quick Overview:

  • Paid over $35 Million since launch.
  • Pay for taking survey, reading emails, using their search engine and even for playing online games.
  • $5 sign up bonus
  • If you regularly participate in all the activities you can easily earn $730 every year.


6. Global Test Market


Quick Overview:

  • Paid over $30 million so far.
  • They pay up to $10 per survey
  • Pay via cheque
  • You will be eligible to receive the cheque once you have earned $50
  • They pay  £1.20 per survey on average
  • It takes about 20 minutes to complete one survey


7. SwagBucks

This site is also very much favorite to me because of it’s available interesting activities that I am paid for taking part.

Quick Overview:

  • Is very popular among students
  • Pay for playing games, watching videos and taking surveys.
  • It takes about 10 minutes to complete each survey.
  • Pay via Paypal or Amazon vouchers
  • 850 points equals a £5 Amazon voucher
  • Or 1,050 points for £5 cash via PayPal
  • Can make about 70 points on average.


8. Ipsos

I will say this is a Must Join site. There are plenty of benefits of this site. Take a look the quick overview below.

Quick Overview:

  • The numbers of surveys are comparatively more than the other sites.
  • They are reported to be upfront in terms of payment and survey lengths.
  • It takes about 2-3 weeks to arrive the vouchers.
  • Payment methods are High street vouchers incl Amazon, Capital Bond and John Lewis.
  • The average payment for per survey is £1 or equivalent in $
  • Typically it takes about 10-15 minutes per survey.
  • Regular and active members get change to be invited in focus group, product test or webcam survey that generate more earning.


9. Survey Downline

Quick Overview:

  • It’s a new online survey site but is considered to be one of the best survey sites.
  • pay up to $20 for completion of certain tasks.
  • You have chance to earn from referral program as well by referring your friends and family.
  • They also provide option for product evaluation.
  • You may be invited to join focus group once in every month that generates more revenue.


10. Vindale Research

Quick Overview:

  • They have paid more than $1.5 million so far to their members.
  •  The surveys are quick and easy.
  • The different feature of Vindale Research is you have the opportunity to review a website for $30 or evaluate a book for $65
  • You do have the chance to take the same task multiple times per day.
  • Typically you can earn $1- $5 per survey.
  • It requires minimum of $50 to withdraw.



Tips to Maximize profit from Paid Survey sites

Providing you with a list of best survey sites will not necessarily give you the idea to be able to earn good rewards and monies. I believe the following tips will make sure that you can get the most out of these very legit survey sites.

Should you sign up to one or more ?

Well, the answer is you should sign up to as many as possible because every survey site will provide only few surveys to fill up every day or even every month. So the idea is, the more the number of survey sites you are registered with the more the number of surveys you have every day to fill up; and you will never have to wait for one or two surveys everyday. Thus you can generate more money.

There is no problem if you sign up for many paid survey sites and if you do not like any of the sites you are always able to unsubscribe that. But make sure you only sign up to the legit ones.

What should be your email address?

I would suggest you to set up separate email addresses for every account (not mandatory) you will have in survey sites and save those email addresses and passwords in a MS Excel file. That way you can always check the available surveys for every survey sites separately rather than being messed up with different surveys in the same inbox. I will also recommend you to check your inbox on a regular basis because some surveys get expired after short period of time.

Be Honest

Honesty is one of the key factors you should always remember while filling in those surveys. You may be penalized if you are caught by the system that you provided with wrong or fake information.

Keep your eyes open towards Scam and Fake sites

You may come across some sites that advertise tactful survey sites to students; I always prefer avoiding those sites. I will recommend you to be careful about some overwhelming promises that sounds too good to be true.

Never pay for joining 

You might find some sites asking for money to join or even you are asked to buy membership of so called guru’s tutorials to be successful in making money by taking surveys.  Well, my suggestion will be for you is never fall for those traps.  You better sign up in all the 10 best survey sites that I have listed above for free and start earning good money starting from today.

All the sites I have listed here are legit and tested. There are a lot more online survey sites available but all of them are not worth trying. I would say, you better sign up all the sites listed above and keep filling in their surveys according to the tips provided above to earn better money.

I would love to hear from you about your opinions and results from the sites listed above. Your suggestion will also be appreciated. Feel free to comment just below the post for your feedback.