10 Signs it’s Time to Let Go

Jul 09

While holding on can feel like the selfless and brave thing to do; often the only way we can be happier and stronger is if we let go.

Below we look at 10 signs that mean it is time you let go.

1. You Are Expected To Be Someone Or Something You Are Not

You should never have to change who you are as a person for anyone in your life.  If you let go of someone because they don’t want you for who you are, it is much easier to fix your broken heart and fill the empty space they used to take up in your life than to try and fix a broken identity or the space inside yourself where you used to be, because you changed to be something you are not.

2.When Their Words Don’t Match Their Actions

Although it is not much fun to be lonely, it is far better for your psyche and self-esteem to be alone than be in bad company.  If you are with someone who isn’t consistent and whose actions contradict their seemingly loving and supportive words, it may be time to let them go.  If you watch what people do rather than listen to what they say, you will be able to work out the people who should be in your life and those who shouldn’t.

3. When You Find Yourself Forcing Someone To Love You

There is one thing you should always remember about people -you can’t force anyone to be in love with you and when someone wants to leave you; you should never try and beg them to stay.  Love and freedom very much go hand in hand.  It is also worth remembering that just because love ends, it does not mean your life does too, even if it feels like that.  When love leaves there is usually not only a reason for it but also a lesson to be learned.

When someone really truly loves you the way you love them, there should be no doubt in your mind that they do.  It is easy for anyone to waltz into your life and tell you have much they love you, but for them to become that special someone for you they need to stay with you and prove that they really mean what they say.  Finding the right person is not easy and can take longer than you might think; but when you find that truly important person, you realize it is worth the wait.

4. When You Are Exclusively Attracted To Your Partner’s Physical Qualities

Being truly beautiful in someone’s eyes or finding someone else truly beautiful is not just about how people perceive you from the outside.  It is about the person you are on the inside, your quirks, the things that are uniquely you, your heart, what defines you and what drives you in life.  You will find that the people who are only attracted to you on the outside because of your sexy body or pretty hair and cheekbones, will not stay committed to you forever.  It’s the people who see the whole you, inside and outside that will stick by your side.

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