10 Signs That Show a guy Is Flirting with You

Jul 18

Have you ever thought about whether a guy that you thought was nice was really flirting with you?  There are many ways you can actually tell.  While it is not always very easy to read people’s body language, if you know what you are looking for – you have a good starting point to work from.  In the following article we have gathered 10 different signs that show a man, even if he is unaware that he is doing it, is flirting with you.

1. Nice Smile

In terms of flirtation, a nice smile is the biggest indicator that he is interested in you.  If a man smiles at you, it usually means he wants to speak to you or likes you.  If he is across a busy room, it could be that he is too shy to approach you; in which case, you should consider taking the first step.  There is no shame in being the one doing the approaching;  smile back, introduce yourself and make friendly conversation without playing too hard to get.  Although it can be a boost to things, if you are too hard to get he will just be put off.

2. Blushing

Blushing is another powerful sign that a man is interested in you, if it happens when he is with you or speaking to you.  It suggests that he is probably trying to flirt with you, or at the very least as it is an uncontrollable natural function, that he finds you attractive.

3. Makes Eye Contact

It can be trickier to spot this sign, but it is something you should pay close attention to.  The amount of eye contact anyone makes when they are with us, is a sign of how interested they are, so it makes sense to look at how much a man is making eye contact with you to see if he is flirting with you.  For instance if he spends long periods of time looking at you than most people do or than he does with others, it could be a sign that he is attracted to you.  Be aware though that even if he only holds your gaze for a short time before looking away, this can also be a sign that he likes you but is perhaps a little shy.

4. Mirroring Your Actions 

Often men mirror the actions of women they are interested on a completely unconscious level.  This is a sign that he is flirting with you and can range from copying your speaking manner and use of language to blinking as often or as little as you do.  It is only natural for us to mirror the actions of those we love.

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