10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Loneliness

Sep 26
10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Loneliness

It is likely that almost 50% of us will suffer from loneliness during our lifetime.  However, regardless of how common loneliness is, the vast majority of us do not fully understand how devastating an affect loneliness can have on us.  With that in mind, in the following article you will find 10 things you probably didn’t know about loneliness.

1. Your Loneliness Is Not Related To The Amount Of People You Know

 Rather than being connected to the quantity of relationships you have, loneliness is actually about the quality of your relationships.  That is, whether or not you feel socially and/or emotionally distant from the people in your life. 

2. Over 60% Of All Lonely People Are Married

When marital mates drift apart and no longer can or feel they can share their experiences, thoughts and feelings with each other; they start to feel very alone.  This is because they no longer feel their partner can connect with them on the level they want.

3. It Affects How We Perceive Our Relationships

It was found by various studies conducted that you only had to ask people for times when they felt lonely for them to devalue past and current relationships.  This kind of distorted perception is often the trigger for people to withdraw even more from the people in their lives that could help them feel less lonely. 

4. Loneliness Can Be Infectious In Social Circles

Loneliness is badly stigmatised.  People tend to be able to observe lonely people and shun them from social circles.  A study was conducted into this unpleasant truth and the results were that over a period of just 6 months, the lonely people in the group were pushed to the outside, and so were their friends.

5. As Well As Emotionally Cold, It Makes You Physically Feel Cold

A study found that when participants were asked to recall times when they felt lonely; the temperature of the room decreased significantly.  The study also found that the participants skin was colder too.

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