11 Gross Signs that You’ve Reached Peak Comfort Levels In Your Relationship

Jun 25

At the start of any new relationship you are both trying to show yourselves in the best possible light.  While daily activities, deepest secrets, lifelong goals, work and family are all discussed freely to encourage closeness; there are things you don’t do.

However, it could be argued that you are not truly intimate and close to someone until they have seen you the way you really are behind closed doors – unshaven and farting.

It is not until you realise how little you are bothered by your partner putting on weight in unattractive areas of the body or their pungent morning breath that you realise how much you actually really love them.

As we are all human beings, beautifully imperfect, it is impossible to keep up the pretence that we aren’t for too long into a relationship.  The stuff you try to keep hidden from your partner, eventually comes out, one way or the other.

In the following article we look at the 11 gross ways you can tell that your love is the real deal.

1. Shaving is a choice, not a requirement.

One of the most satisfying things about a long-term and meaningful relationship is when shaving is no longer a requirement but a personal choice.  When you start dating someone new you often feel as if you are under extreme pressure to remain free of hair.

While you may enjoy shaving and looking hair free or your partner if you live in a part of the world where the temperature is particularly low, during winter especially, you may prefer to keep the hair covering your genitals, arms and legs as an extra protective layer from the cold.

Therefore, when you can let your hair grow for four weeks or more without so much as trimming, waxing, shaving or removing it in anyway because you don’t feel the need to attain to some ridiculous standard; you know you are in a good relationship based on real love.

2. Farting is no longer a dirty (and smelly) secret.

Regardless of whatever old wives tale you try to spin to your partner about how girls don’t fart, they know that it is simply not true. While you both may in the beginning try to hide it, there will be a time when are caught off guard and a noise emits from your butt.

If it takes you by surprise, that is probably a sign that you have developed such a comfortable relationship with your partner that you are less uptight about hiding those kinds of emissions.

The best way to handle it is to just laugh it off.  You farted, big deal.

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3. Number 2’s become a talking point.

It’s worth being honest hear that no-one really likes discussing number 2’s.  Pooping is normally something you chat about with your gran or mother when they ask, in an intrusive but well-meaning way if you have being getting enough fibre in your diet, your closest and dearest friends and when  you visit your GP or doctor for those check-ups.

However you know your romantic relationship has reached a new level when one of you mentions the contents, consistency or anything connected to their bowels.

4. Discussions of the female menstrual cycle are welcomed and not winced at.

Often, it more out of necessity than just casual chitchat to have a discussion about your monthlies with your partner.  More than just bleeding happens during those few days every month when your period comes to town.  It could be that you are more emotional, impatient or irritable than usual or need specific food.

It could also be that you don’t want sex at all or want it more than ever.  The way you know you are in a relationship based on true love is if periods are discussed without your boyfriend running out the door in terror

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