12 Characteristics that your man is a Keeper and you should never let go

Jul 10

While it is true that all people are made equally, some are better at being people than others and the same goes for men.  Some men are better at being people than other men.

An even simpler more direct way to explain this argument is that some men out there are better at being loving and reliable partners.  Some men are not capable of being that and while it doesn’t mean they will always be bad at relationships, it just means that every man can be the wrong man for you during his or your lifetime.

Every human being develops through adapting different characteristics through trial and error, learning and time.

Great men and great men who are best suited to having a woman by their side have many great characteristics.

Below you will find the 12 characteristics that if your male partner displays, shows he is worth investing your life in.

1. He Truly Looks At You

You know a man is really looking at you when he looks directly into your eyes, holding your gaze.  It starts to form that invisible attraction, that pull that brings you both closer together.  When he is looking that deeply at you, he is not looking at the physical he is looking at who you are on the inside.

It’s often said that the eyes are the gateway to the soul.  He wants to look at who you are beyond the eyes, the person that only you know.  As well as trying to catch a glimpse of your soul, he is trying to introduce his to you.

When two people are deeply in love with one another, there is a special way they look at each other that proves they recognize the deep connection they have for one another.  When your man looks at you in that way you should realize how lucky you are.

2. He Is No Pushover, But  A Kind Man

There are 2 types of men you are best staying clear of – the weak men who avoid confrontation and commitment and the especially aggressive types that try to push people around and put themselves higher than theirs. 

However, there are men out there who easily combine the positive aspects of both empathy and sympathy with power.  Brutal on the battlefield, but kind in their hearts.  Rather than starting or getting into fights, they are the men who finish them.  This is the kind of man you want in your life and by your side because he has a wise head on his shoulders and is able t choose when to be compassionate and when to be forceful.

3. Patient, But Driven 

Success is a standard by which your life and everything you do is judged, therefore in order to live a good and satisfied life you need to achieve some level of success.  That’s not to say you need to be a world leader, champion or even a millionaire, but it is important to have little successes through the course of your life that you can be proud of.

Success, like life itself, is a very winding and long road.  You need patience to navigate through it or your life could come to an end faster than you think or hope.  See life as a long and worthwhile journey instead of a race.

4. Down To Earth, With An Ambitions Drive

How could you say no to a man who is both humble and realistic but also a bit of a dreamer?  A man who wants to touch the stars, but is okay with the fact he may only get to fly past them is almost the perfect base for a man. 

While he doesn’t allow his success to inflate his ego too much, he doesn’t allow the realization and realism of his situation and abilities prevent him from continuing to reach for the stars and follow his ambitions.  If your partner is like this, you know you have a man that will always do whatever he can to make your life happy and better, but will never promise you something he can give you.

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