12 Characteristics that your man is a Keeper and you should never let go

Jul 10


5. He Knows His Way Round The Kitchen

There is no point denying it ladies, a man who knows how to cook is a sexy thing indeed.  If you took any random man off the street and armed him with some chef and cooking skills, that man instantly would gain two points.  As well as being sexy, a man who can cook probably prepares lots of his meals from scratch and as a result eats healthier. This kind of man is great and worth keeping hold off for a few good reasons.

6. He Is Very Active

A man who is physically active will also be more physically attractive and sexually active.  Although it may not seem like much of an issue at the moment; if you are serious or at least consider the possibilities of this relationship becoming serious; you will be looking for a man who exercises regularly and is physically fit.  You need to remember that men reach their sexual peak early in life and the chances are if he is not particularly physical outside of the bedroom he won’t be when he’s in the bedroom either.

7. He Has A Cocky Charm And Is Brilliant But Not Big Headed

When you find a man who is sharp, witty, wise and intelligent it may be worth holding on to him.  Just watch out for him being too cocky.  If he is a little cocky, that’s OK and attractive just like confident women are to men. 

Humans are per-programmed to be attracted to and appreciate strengths in any form they present them. Though, if he is way too cocky for his own good, be careful.  Those tend to walk the line haphazardly between being complete and utter a** holes and being tolerably cocky.  However, it is a sad fact that many of the very smart guys are not worth your time because they are massive a**holes.

8. He Has The Magic Touch When It Comes TO Making You Smile And Laugh

Never underestimate your partner’s ability to make you smile and laugh.  In fact, if you are with someone who can’t do either of those things, you should split up with them right away.  The man that deserves you is the man that can make you smile and laugh, and you should hold onto that man when you find him.