12 Characteristics that your man is a Keeper and you should never let go

Jul 10


9. Even Though He Says He Loves You, He Doesn’t Need To Because You Know And Feel It

While words are powerful, they pale in comparison when put up against actions.  As great as it is, and lets face it, it’s pretty great – to hear someone say they love you, it means nothing if their actions don’t back up their words.  If a guy claims he loves you but does things that contradict that – he is not worthy of being with you.

10. He’d Rather Keep Peace By Losing An Argument Than Winning It

All couples argue.  There is no couple throughout history who has ever lived as a couple without arguing.  People get involved in arguments for one of two reasons normally – because they think they are right or because they want to right as it is a great way that they can make themselves feel better about their life. 

The unfortunate thing about arguments though is that when one person is right the other must be wrong.  If your man does his best to avoid you feeling wrong, particularly over matters of opinion; that man is the man you should spend the rest of your life with.  Or, at least give it a good shot with.

11. He Always Offers A Helping Hand When You Need It

Just as above, what a man does is more important than one he says.  Men are very straight forward when it comes to matters of the heart.  When they love someone, their actions show you it more than their words ever could.  When they spend time with you and offer support when you need it and try to make you happy, it shows they care deeply about you. 

You know you have a god man if they will do just about anything for you and won’t even have to think about helping you when you need it most.

12. He Loses A Part Of Himself When He Is Not With You 

When men fall properly and deeply in love they want a piece of you that they can keep for themselves and call their own.  Don’t be mistaken though, because this is about your mind not your body.  Your man wants a piece of the thought process and feelings that go into everything you do.  When he falls for you and really loves you he wants to keep those parts for himself and changes himself and the way he thinks and way he sees the world because of them.

What is important to you becomes important to him and he does things the way she does things.

You know you have met a man that you should hold on to if he is metaphorically removing parts of what makes him the man he is to make sure there is room for you.