12 Things People Who Are Happy Do Differently

Nov 17

7. Learn To Be Forgiving

Holding on to hate is actually very bad for you.  Because your brain doesn’t know the difference between present and past emotions, when you hate someone and think constantly about it; it has detrimental affects on your immune system.  You get yourself worked up into a state of angst and unhappiness and it stays with you for the rest of the day.

8. Have More Flow Experiences

When we use the word flow, we mean a state you get yourself into when you are working on something and it feels like time has stood still.  You are fully focused on what you are doing and nothing is distracting you so you become at one with the task in hand.  Your awareness and actions are merged. 

9. Truly Enjoy The Joys Of Life

You can only feel deep happiness when you take time to slow down and enjoy the joys of life.  It is all too easy to neglect and forget to just enjoy life when things are so busy.  When you feel to appreciate a moment and what is happening, you take away the magic from that moment.  More often than not in life, the most rewarding things are the simplest things, but we will only know that if we take the time to appreciate them.

10. Set And Fully Commit To Goals

When you fully dedicate yourself to achieving, good things happen.  When you are fully committed to seeing something through, you don’t have any choice in the matter but to see it through.  It makes you happier because you have a purpose.

11. Be Spiritual

When you are spiritual or religious you understand and grasp that the world and life is bigger than just us as individuals.  It helps you to get rid of that silly notion that human beings are the mightiest and most important thing that has ever existed.  It enables you to connect more with the source of creation and feel more connected to everything else that exists in the world.

12. Take Care Of Your Health

In order to be the happiest version of you can be, you need to take proper care of your body and health.  When your physical energy is not as good as it could be, neither will your spiritual, emotional and mental energy be.  There have been numerous studies that prove that even clinically depressed people’s level of happiness can improve dramatically if they regularly exercise.