13 Great Ways To Keep Your Love Alive

Oct 25

You have probably heard it said before that there comes a point when a long-term relationship stops being exciting and becomes very flat.  There are many people, perhaps you are one of them, that believe this as fact and expect it will happen to you too.  It is often when the feelings of sexual excitement, desire or attraction are not as strong as the individual feels they should be that they start to worry that the flame has gone out and they are heading into a dull and uneventful future.  When they start to think that what they expected would happen, is happening,  their relationship often starts to nosedive drastically which leads eventually to separation, cheating and many cases, divorce.

It is worth noting that it is impossible to stop the less exciting moments from happening, as life is a series of peaks and troughs.  However, there are ways you can make the love and connection you have stronger so that when the low points occur they are not as problematic or frequent.

If you are wondering if there is a catch – there isn’t .  The simplest ways to keep your relationship exciting, passionate and fresh, regardless of your age and how long you have been with your partner, is by adding more pleasure and fun to your life.

 If you are worried about having enough time, don’t be as there is always enough time.  It may be that you need to re-prioritise your time.  Often couples give other pursuits and aspects of their life greater priority, not so much because they don’t value their relationship, but because they take it for granted. 

 Many people live by the assumption that once you are committed to someone, it is solid and stable and doesn’t require any effort or attention.  Certainly not as much as it did when it first began.  However, it is a big mistake to think that your relationship doesn’t require attention and effort and to take it for granted.  When you neglect your relationship it is only a matter of time before it reaches a point where it is going to be harder to repair.

 It is easily done though, to take everything for granted and become more like a business partner or room-mate or co-parent if you have children.  Although those roles are important aspects of your relationship, they are not the be all and end all.  When they start to become the thing that defines who you are as a couple, the passionate side of your relationship can fizzle out.

It is important, then, to take the time to truly honour the intimate side of your relationship.  Below you will find 13 great ways to do this.
1. Figure Out Who Is Best Suited To Deepening Intimacy

In the majority of couples there is one-half that puts a higher importance on romance than the other and contrary to what you might believe, it is often the man.  It makes sense that this person would be more observant and aware of when the romance between the couple, starts to fade; and, has a greater ability to encourage a more playful and close relationship.  However, it is important to remember that they should not feel solely responsible for watching out for these dips in the relationship; it is just that they are more in tune with that side of things that they would be better at improving your bond.

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2. Never Stop Dating

Dates are important and should not be seen as something just for the young lovers on the road to commitment.  Dates can still conjure a little romantic magic for couples who have been together for years and even decades.  The change of scenery that comes with leaving the home livens things up; though, a stay-at-home date can often be fun too.  A good example of this would be dinner by candlelight.  You should consider doing what a lot of couples do and having a regularly designated “date night”.  There are no hard and fast rules and it should remain flexible so that sometimes it might just be dinner and a movie, while other times it could be a short break away for a weekend or even longer.

3. Take A Second Honeymoons

Much like dates, honeymoons should not been seen as being exclusively for newly-weds.  Even taking one each and every year would not be too much.  It is a good way to remind yourselves of the love you had when you first decided to get married and how you felt on that special day.

 4. Have A No-Screen No Tech Time Set Aside

 With all our modern gadgets and gizmos, it can be easy to take for granted how good it is to spend time together face to face.  Try having time each day or each week, whichever works for you, where you turn all electrical and electronic devices off and spend some quality time together.

5. Share A Hot Bath

 Some of the most romantic and magical evenings together with your partner are the ones that cost the least amount, or nothing at all.  Sharing a tub together with candles and then more intimate time in the bedroom, with candles, is a sure-fire way to ignite the flames of passion between you.

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