13 Things To Remember When Someone You Love Suffers From Depression

Oct 26

6. Depressed People Become Overwhelmed Very Easily

One of the most common side effects of depression is the constant feeling of exhaustion.  It can be exhausting and overwhelming just getting from the start of the day to the end in one piece.  At one point they can be completely fine and full of energy, only for things to take a turn for the worst the next moment and them having no energy whatsoever.  That is even if they have enough sleep each night.  It can cause them to cancel their plans and leave social events earlier or just saying no when invited.  You should remember though that it is nothing you did, it’s just a side effect of the depression.

7. It’s Not About Anything You Said Or Did

The difficulty you have when there is someone in your life that suffers from depression is that you don’t really understand what they are going through and how their sadness is affected by your relationship.  Never blame yourself if they become distant or the need space and don’t worry about how you could be doing things differently to help them.  It is not about you in anyway shape or form, as it is a disease.

8. Avoid Using Tough Love, Demands And Ultimatums

You can’t magically improve their situation or heal them by telling them you are going to stop talking to them or being involved with them unless they get better.  Just because you feel tired of dealing with their various issues, doesn’t mean they are suddenly going to transform into the person you want them to become.  Although you may feel that it is necessary to leave someone because their depression has become too much to handle and is becoming detrimental to your relationship; you should never think tough love will make things better.  It is just manipulative and unrealistic.

9. They Don’t Want To Always Handle It Alone

There is a misconception that many people hold that sufferers of depression always want to deal with it on their own.  Though there will be times when they want to have their own space to work through their issues; it doesn’t mean they always want to face up to their fears always on their own.  Suggest that they come for a drive with you or come out with you for a meal or even just a coffee.  Taking them out of their routine for one on one time can help you to connect with them and may mean the world to them.  Do it unexpectedly and remind them that they are not in this situation alone.

10. Avoid Comparing Your Own Experiences With Their Experiences

Although when someone we love is suffering badly from depression we feel the inclination to share our own stories and experiences of how we dealt with our own bouts of depression, because we feel they will appreciate the fact we can relate; it is not always helpful.  It sometimes actually makes them feel as if you are minimising or trivialising their pain.  Rather than suppressing their feelings, express empathy for their problems.  Listening is greatest ability you can share with them.