14 Reasons Why Women Should Date Family-Oriented Men

Jul 11


5. He Is Good At Spending Time With Kids

It is true that not everyone wants to have children an there is nothing wrong with that.  Being playful and feeling comfortable around children is a good character trait not just because it indicates that they might be good father material.

As children are complicated, but very open and innocent mini-humans, being good with them means that a man is a kid at heart and is kind, creative and very patient.

6. He Stays True To His Word

When you are in a family it is important to do what you say.  If you say you are going to go to your cousin’s engagement party – you are expected to show up, unless you have a very good excuse.

Likewise if you said you would spend Easter with your family, you wouldn’t even think of canceling it.  You can usually always rely on a family man to stay true to his word.

7. You Inherit Another Family

There is something truly special about forming a close relationship with another family.  The love between family members is unique, and if you are fortunate to experience it from another family, you should enjoy that gift and never take it for granted.  When a man is close with his family and loves you he will want to welcome you in to his family and include you in this particularly important part of his life.

8. He Appreciates Your Relationship And You

When you love your family, you appreciate them and the value of the relationship you have.

A family man won’t find it particularly hard valuing other people and what they add to his life, because he has already has such good practice doing the same for his family.

He has seen the effect some of the human relationships in his life have had when they go wrong, so that when he has positive relationships and friendships he shows value.

9. He Is Self-Confident

When you have a family that really truly loves you, it makes you feel incredible and special for the person you are.  When your family believes in you, you normally feel the same too.  Although confidence levels vary from man to man; there does seem to be a correlation between family men and men with high confidence levels.