14 Reasons Why Women Should Date Family-Oriented Men

Jul 11


10. He Really Trusts You

Betrayal and abandonment are complicated emotional situations that we often experience first within our family.  A man’s ability to trust the woman in his life can be completely ruined by infidelities in other relationships

Interestingly, men who have had their families stand by them through thick and thin, usually find it easier to trust other people outside of their family circle.  He truly believes in the the depth of your relationship and looks to the bigger picture and he trusts and respects you in the same way you trust and respect him.

11. He’s Fun

When you have lived in and around a large family most of your life, it usually means you enjoy a good bit of banter from picking on your relatives and a plethora of funny stories.  Men that are from strong families know how to make others laugh and laugh at themselves.

Regardless o whether it’s a simple BBQ or a night of Monopoly, they are happy and know how to have fun.

12. He Can Communicate With You Well

One of the defining characteristics of a close and good family is communication.  When a man comes from that kind of relationship he knows how to speak about his feelings and opinions effectively.

Throughout his whole life he has shared thoughts with his family.  Communicating about anything from day to day happenings, financial woes or anything else bothering him, is very easy.

13. He Is A Good Friend

Relationships aren’t just about passion and romance.  Strong friendship is often the basis for a family and relationship.

Friendship after all, is about making the most of your time together, laughing and listening.  Families and friends know how to improvise well and enjoy their time together doing the even most simple of things.

They also know how to and enjoy making up moronic games for those long, boring car journeys, build forts using cushions, quilts and anything else around the house and have lots of family inside jokes.  A family man knows how to be both a passionate life partner and your best friend.

14. Deep Down He’s A Lover

You learn about love from the way it was expressed to you.  Therefore a man has and shows love for his family, because they did it first to him.

He knows how to give committed love, appreciates kindness others show to him and always makes time for his friends.  He knows how to have a good laugh and will say sorry when he makes mistakes.  He has given his younger siblings and cousins piggyback rides and walked with his arm locked into his grandmother’s arm.

He holds on to all those ties and trinkets that his dad passed on to him and always buys his mom flowers for Mother’s Day.  He is not ashamed to admit that he still loves a good game of hide-and-seek as an adult and knows that he should hug and kiss everyone goodbye at the end of a family gathering or event.

So ladies, if the man you have been dating spends a lot of time talking about his family and is very close with them – he could be a keeper.