21 Questions Game Questions & How To Play This

May 02
21 Questions Game Questions & How To Play This

People who are reclusive in nature find it difficult to start a conversation on a good note.  This is specially the case when you want to exchange a word with someone you like. So what should be done in such a case? I suggest 21 Questions Game is an ideal way to start a conversation. This game not only help someone to talk for the first time and get to know them but also you can play it with your partner and reinforce the bond. It is also a perfect way to get naughty with your partner.

I first got to know about this game at a party when one of my friends introduced it to us. It was super fun with all the friends as we get to know about various things about one another that we never knew. The rules were very simple and we end up gathering some of the most wonderful memories of the evening.

21 Questions Game

21 Questions Game for friends

As I already mentioned, it is a super fun game with least amount of rules of playing. You are allowed to ask 21 questions and the person you are targeting will have no escape. If you are playing this game with a stranger then you must start with simple questions and try to explore their basic attributes, likes and dislikes, etc. It is a good way to begin a relationship. I would recommend this game to all those people who secretly wants to be friends with someone but don’t have the nerve to commence a simple conversation. For people who are playing this game with their partners, there are plenty of naughty questions that will help in creating a romantic aura in your surroundings.

How To Play 21 Questions?

This is a simple yet exciting game. But of course for a person who is trying it for the first time, How to play 21 questions is a thing that comes to every mind. The rules are quite simple. It can be played in a group or between two people. Of course you need at least one other person to play this game. So let’s talk about the rule:

  • Make a group and settle down in a circle
  • Ask the participants if anyone voluntarily wants to go first as the target
  • Every participant can go on and ask their questions. Here also the rules differ as some people ask one person gets 21 questions to ask. On the other hand, you can set the ground rules differently and each participant gets to ask a question from the target participant.
  • It is also recommended to set some protocols of a game, especially when you are playing with your friends.
  • You are also suggested to ask yes or no questions because it ruins the fun
  • The target participant have to answer the questions very honestly

So these are some of the simple rules that should be followed.

However, as you have come to know about the game and it’s rules, It’s time to explore some 21 Questions that you may ask your fellow participants while playing the game. 

Good 21 Questions To Ask

So guys, now we shall go ahead and get you a list of good 21 questions that can be asked to anyone:

  1. Are you more of a homely person or a party animal?
  2. Do you know how to make simple food in terms of need? If yes, what all can you make?
  3. How many people have you dated till now?
  4. Do you like reading in peace whenever you have time or party with your friends?
  5. Are you an introvert or extrovert?
  6. Would you go on a date with a person you just met?
  7. Do you rather spend your monthly salary aimlessly or save it for future?
  8. Are you a person made for love or regular flings?
  9. Do you want to stay with your old friends forever or make new ones every month?
  10. Would you rather want to watch 3 movies in a row or party for nonstop 12 hours?
  11. What is more important to you to have in your partner, loyalty or money?
  12. Will you ditch your best friend for 1 million dollar?
  13. If you get a chance to marry a celebrity, who would it be and why?
  14. Would you rather spend your life alone but with a lot of money or earning decent and staying with your friends and family?
  15. Who is more important to you money or family?
  16. How would you describe your personality?
  17. You would rather relish a feast with your favorite food for a day or get one day holiday to abroad?
  18. Do you like receiving small yet numerous birthday gifts or one large gift?
  19. If you have to abbreviate your name, what are the words that you will use in your honor?
  20. Would you like to take a peek in your future or go back to the past and resolve some mess that you created at some time of life?
  21. What are the things that make you angry the most?
  22. If you will ever get a chance to bring one person to life, who would it be?
  23. If you get a chance to pet an animal, who would it be?
  24. Would you like to be the most famous person on the earth or someone who wins a million dollar in some lottery?
  25. How would you like to live your life?

21 Questions Game Dirty

21 Questions Game Dirty questions

To play 21 questions game dirty, no other questions to be better options then the listed questions below:

  1. Have you ever seen anyone getting naked when you would have easily turned around?
  2. What was your age when you lost your virginity?
  3. How often do you want to make out with your partner?
  4. What are your favorite sex positions?
  5. Did you ever regret losing virginity with a wrong person? If yes, would you want to go back in the past and change it?
  6. Did any of your parents ever catch you masturbating?
  7. Have you ever fake an orgasm just to please your partner?
  8. How truthful you are with your partner about your sex life?
  9. What is that one place where you always wanted to have sex but was never been able to convince your partner for the same?
  10. Have you ever used your pet to try sex?
  11. What do you like more, sex with foreplay or without?
  12. Do you like talking naughty stuff with your partner quite often?
  13. Have you ever told your partner about the wrong moves they make while giving you a blog job?
  14. Are you wearing underwear here in this party? If yes, what is its color?
  15. Have you ever tried cyber sex?
  16. Have you ever enforced yourself on someone for your physical needs?
  17. Were you able to do complete sex when you first tried it?
  18. Do you often have orgasm while having sex?
  19. Do you like making out with your partner anytime you get a chance?
  20. Have you ever laughed at your partner when he/she was trying to seduce you?
  21. What methods do you use to turn on your partner?


So guys, 21 questions game are a perfect way to start a relationship and intensify it. Whatever your tastes are, you can just find out brilliant questions and get started with it. Be it a boring evening when you and your partner are just sitting and don’t have anything to talk about or you and your friends are having a night stay together, this game can prove out to be the best thing to get yourself busy in. Also now when you have brilliant question ideas mentioned above, you no more have to struggle in finding the suitable questions.