24 Relationship-Strengthening Habits Of Real Couples

Sep 03

If you are looking for good relationship advice, it is often best to avoid the “relationship gurus” out there and observe what is working for the people in successful relationships.  Take for example the time someone asked on Reddit what they could do to strengthen and improve his relationship.  As well as being inundated by great responses, the responses were from people who had actually done the things they were suggesting.  The below article features the responses/habits that got the most up-votes.

 1. Prepare A Hot Towel When They Are In A Shower

One respondent put forward the suggestion of warming your partner’s towel in the tumble dryer while they are showering so you can wrap it around them when they get out and walk away like it was nothing at all.  He knew this was effective because he did it for his partner.

2. Instead Of Apologizing And Saying Sorry, Say Thank You

Although you feel it necessary to say sorry when you have done something wrong, suggested one Redditor, all that means is your partner has to say it wasn’t a big deal or call you a jerk.  It is better therefore to say “thank you”.  Thank them for being so patient with you.  This way you let them know that you are aware of your shortcomings and how they affect them sometimes and it gives your partner an opportunity to tell you they love you.

 3. Sleep Less In Order To Spend More Time In The Mornings Together

One Reddit responder suggested forgoing that extra hour of sleep in the morning and instead using it to spend time with your other half.  They got up at 5 am when their partner got up each morning, having prepared cups and sugar and everything else for breakfast and coffee, and made the coffee while her partner showered.  Although it meant giving up an hour in bed, the upshot was that it gave them the chance to spend an extra 5 hours and she stated that it was some of the best moments of her day.

4. Secretly Photograph Her Then Send The Pictures Throughout The Day

You could take pictures in secret, like another Reddit respondent did.  He would secretly photograph his wife and kids and then send them at random moments throughout the day, to remind her of how lucky he was and that he didn’t take his life with them for granted.

5. Dance Together

Another man on Reddit posted that he would dance with his wife.  Not even anywhere public, just if they were cooking dinner or washing dishes up; he’d put his hands on her waist or arms around her and start humming a tune and swaying.

6. Figure Out What They Like And Give It To Him Or Her

Another woman likes to give her husband mini Cadbury eggs from time to time, for no other reason than she knows he likes them and wants him to know she is always thinking of him.  Make a list of things your partner likes and give things from that list to him or her from time to time.

 7. Get Their Toothbrush Ready

A small but undoubtedly practical way to show that you are always thinking of your partner, particularly when you wake up is to copy what another man did on Reddit and prepare their toothbrush.  He actually copied the idea from his dad who had been doing it for 38 years or more.

 8. Spend Time Together Having Igloo Time

One replier to the thread suggested spending around 5 minutes a day, like him and his wife did, having igloo time.  They wrap themselves in a blanket and hug each other pretending they are in n igloo and talk about the highs and lows of their day.

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