50 Best Would You Rather Questions You Don’t Wanna Miss

Dec 21

Here are 50 best would you rather You will definitely Enjoy

50 Best Would You Rather Questions

50 Best Would You Rather Questions

Would You Rather– if you are a college student, you must have come across this titillating game at least once in your college life. However, the catch of this game is not constrained to a specific age group. This game leads you to a list of question that cannot be escaped, no matter how ribald they gets. Every question is followed by two answering alternatives. You cannot pick both the options. It is the most interesting way to add a kink factor in your party or in a gathering and for that you need a list of best would you rather.

Speaking rationally, there is no true answer to any would you rather question. You just happen to draw your responses with respect to the moment. Once you get indulge in the game, the hunger of extracting more out of others increases. This sometimes gets pretty harsh with the group of people that you are playing with. It is suitable to keep the questions limited to the scale where no-one feels scratchy with the things being discussed.

Before you play this game, you need to do some primary preparations, that is why I have compiled a list of best would you rather questions you don’t wanna miss.

Here is the list of 50 Best Would You Rather Questions

  1. Would you rather date an emotionless super rich man or someone with decent amount of money and good heart?
  2. Would you rather get married in early 20’s or after 30’s?
  3. Would you rather cheat on your partner for money or sex?
  4. Would you rather be a celebrity yourself or a celebrity wife?
  5. Would you rather live life of Barack Obama or Brad Pitt for a day?
  6. Would you rather date someone with hot and happening looks or someone with a lot of money but ugly looks?
  7. Would you rather be a vampire or be possessed by a ghost?
  8. Would you rather live without your phone or your laptop?
  9. Would you rather give bad advice to your friend in need or get one?
  10. Would you rather be in a relationship without commitment or a committed relationship without love?
  11. Would you rather wish to go on an erotic holiday with your partner or a family trip with your parents?
  12. Would you rather have a witty brother or be a single child?
  13. Would you rather amuse yourself by watching a comedy movie or spending time with your best friend?
  14. Would you rather have invisibility powers or strong like Hulk?
  15. Would you rather be super popular among folks or someone who is unrecognized?
  16. Would you rather eat shoe polish or apply it on your face?
  17. Would you rather be last person standing on earth or with someone you hate the most?
  18. Would you rather be in a mental asylum or a rehab?
  19. Would you rather be alone in a huge mansion for next 20 years or a small house with your family?
  20. Would you rather choose to have a huge social circle or a small group of reliable friends?
  21. Would you rather fake being in love with someone or get cheated in the respective way?
  22. Would you rather kill your partner for cheating on you or kill yourself?
  23. Would you rather attend first day of your college shabbily dressed or uncombed?
  24. Would you rather be hairless or without all your teeth?
  25. Would you rather commit a crime and be in the jail for 5 years or caught on the crime ground and sentenced for 5 years jail?
  26. Would you rather be in news for a controversy or for committing a crime?
  27. Would you rather invest all your money in Stock Exchange or buy your dream home?
  28. Would you rather like magically appearing money in your house or people you loved but died unexpectedly?
  29. Would you rather believe in god for your wishes to get fulfilled or on the name of faith?
  30. Would you rather shave your head or eyebrows?
  31. Would you rather die in a plane crash or by fire?
  32. Would you rather watch a movie that does not have any sound or listening to the dialogs without any video?
  33. Would you rather be a faithful homely dog in your next birth or be a street dog?
  34. Would you rather enforce your partner for oral sex or get enforced?
  35. Would you rather spend an adventurous life with your partner with everyday life threats or spend a diseased life alone in your house?
  36. Would you rather film making out with your partner knowingly or getting filmed unknowingly?
  37. Would you rather quit Facebook or Twitter?
  38. Would you rather get sick with your stomach or with your head?
  39. Would you rather live a healthy but short life or a long but ailing life?
  40. Would you rather get married to an extremely hot woman with least sensibility or an ugly girl with a loving heart?
  41. Would you rather be a mermaid and stay forever in water or be a crocodile?
  42. Would you rather kick someone aimlessly from your life or get kicked by someone?
  43. Would you rather be a Santa Clause this Christmas or meet one?
  44. Would you rather be 25 always and meet beautiful ladies every day or keep aging with one true love of your life?
  45. Would you rather be a Smurf and be in their world or bring them to your world?
  46. Would you rather be buried alive or set on fire?
  47. Would you rather write a column in the newspaper about your most embarrassed moment or getting it broadcast on the television?
  48. Would you rather fart sitting in a bunch of friends or pee in public?
  49. Would you rather have body of an animal with human face or face of female with male body?
  50. Would you rather get million dollar lottery or a chance of never having to pay for anything ever?

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You might not want to miss out these best would you rather question. So read up and bring some new additions in your game.