50 Funny Would You Rather Questions that will make your Crazy

Dec 21

Here are 50 would you rather funny that will blow your mind for sure !!


50 would you rather funny

Being in a group when you friends settle on playing would you rather funny; it becomes even exciting and zealous for everyone around. You ask each other funny would you rather questions and try to explore more about others. However, there are categories in this game that makes it more electrifying. But would you rather question funny keeps the game to a level of acceptance. Certainly it depends upon batch of people you are playing with. If there are hyper sensitive people participating in the game then it is recommended to not to trespass the array of graciousness in the game.

People these days party a lot and like being social. This is where we can take best advantage of this game. It is a simple game with minimum rules. If you are planning a party soon and have a fun group then I have some amazingly funny would you rather questions that you can target your friends with. This would be the party you and your friends will never forget. So go on guys, read up the questions and get ready to have a funny battle of questions with your besties.

Here is the list of 50 Funny Would You Rather Questions

  1. Would You Rather stab yourself with a knife or get spitted on your face every time you talk?
  2. Would You Rather drench your sock with dishwater and drink it or poke your head in the toilet?
  3. Would You Rather have your fingers stuck in bottles for a year or bucket stuck in your head for a year?
  4. Would You Rather dance on an ice sheet in chilling winters or on a burning hot floor in the summers with bare feet?
  5. Would You Rather clap you every morning you wake up or not sleep at all for a month?
  6. Would You Rather be a porn star or not have sex at all for the rest of your life?
  7. Would You Rather be without a nose or without ears?
  8. Would You Rather eat garbage from the city dustbin or lick the face of your street dog?
  9. Would You Rather drink dog’s pee or not pee for a year at all?
  10. Would You Rather bleach your hair for life-time or shave them for a year?
  1. Would You Rather not brush your hair ever or brush your teeth?
  2. Would You Rather be eaten by a lion or a crocodile?
  3. Would You Rather be seen naked at a public place or become a mother when you are 15?
  4. Would You Rather have your house under construction for rest of our life or have an annoying neighbor who rings your bell every 2 minutes in the day?
  5. Being a man would you rather wear only a ladies bra in a professional meeting or perform pole dance in front of your in-laws wearing boxers.
  6. Would You Rather rob a bank and be a millionaire or marry a celebrity and become rich?
  7. Would You Rather say FUCK to your boss every time he calls you or clap the hottest girl in your office who just started to take interest in you?
  8. Would You Rather keep farting after every 2 minutes or sit on a toilet seat for next 10 years of your life?
  1. Would You Rather send a porn video to your strict female boss in the office or get clapped by every person you come across in the world?
  2. Would You Rather be haunted by a spirit for the rest of your life or become a werewolf?

  1. Being a man would you rather have boobs the other morning you wake up or become impotent forever?
  2. Would You Rather have a dirty baby diaper thrown on your face or have a pet that pee in every corner of your house?
  3. Would You Rather tweet about your last night sex or have three-some.
  4. Would You Rather eat raw egg for rest of your life or sleep in a bath tub filled with egg yolk?
  5. Would You Rather start clapping unstoppably for 30 minutes every time you burp or run a meter straight every time you fart?
  6. Would You Rather have detachable nose or lips?
  7. Would You Rather wear angry bird costume on your wedding day or not get married at all?
  1. Would You Rather have an ugly figure or have never ending periods?
  2. Would You Rather jump from 10 story building or fall from the stairs?
  3. Would You Rather bath with your shit or wash your hair with your piss every morning?
  4. Would You Rather marry a girl having beard on her face or the one who has more hair on her body then you?
  5. Would You Rather stammer every time you talk or fall down every time you stand?
  6. Would You Rather put soil in your mouth or in your eyes?
  7. Would You Rather brush your teeth with cow dung or bath with it?
  8. Would You Rather have a cartoon face with human body or human face with cartoon body?
  9. Would You Rather eat your body lotion or use your perfume as eye drops?
  10. Would You Rather sneeze every time you blink or cough every time you breathe?
  1. Would You Rather have half of your head shaved or without one eyebrow?
  2. Would You Rather gain 30 kg every time you eat or reduce 10 kg every time you drink a glass of water?
  3. Would You Rather sleep wearing handcuffs or a bike riding helmet?

  1. Would You Rather have three legs or three arms?
  2. Would You Rather make fun of yourself in a party or get caught making out with your girlfriend’s best friend?
  3. Would You Rather pee in your bed every night or have saliva coming out of your mouth every time you open it to talk?
  4. Would You Rather fit into a microwave oven and burn you or sit in a refrigerator and freeze to death?
  5. Would You Rather become a dog every night or have a beast as your husband?
  6. Would You Rather have super fat face or super fat ass?
  7. Would You Rather act like Mr. Beans with your prom date or not go on your prom at all?
  1. Would You Rather hear a boring literature lecture from the most boring teacher of the college or dance on a sexy number in front of the class?
  2. Would You Rather keep walking for the rest of your life or glued at one place and never get up?
  3. Would You Rather be unstoppably laughing for the rest of your life or crying?

I am sure you found all these Would You Rather pretty funny. 🙂  Looking for more Would You Rather Questions ?? How about some would your rather for your kids ?? Then take a look here

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So guys, here I am ending the fun. Now you have great funny would you rather questions that you can ask your friends and add more zeal in your game. Happy Gaming!