6 Important Things You Should Say To Your Partner Daily

Nov 16
6 Important Things You Should Say To Your Partner Daily

4. I Love The Way You…or I Love When You Do….

Following on from the above point, it is important to compliment and flatter your partner on even the most smallest and insignificant of things.  It shows them more than anything else that you still, even after all the years you have been together, pay attention to everything they say and do and love them for it all.  If they cook you a good meal, tell them how much you loved it and that you appreciate that they cook lovely meals for you.  If their hair looks particularly good today, tell them it does – even if it looks good every day, tell them and tell them why it looks good.  When you tell them the reasons why you love them and compliment them not only will it make them smile but it will make them in turn, love you even more.

5. You Are My Whole World

There is nothing that will make your partner smile more than knowing that they are your whole world, that they are the most important thing in their life.  “You are my whole world” is definitely one of the most heart-warming and comforting thing you can say to that special someone in your life.  It is important though that when you do say it, you mean it and say it with real conviction and feeling.  When they know no one else is more important to you and makes you happier than they do in life, they will feel amazing because of it. 

6. I Have The Deepest Respect For You

One of the most important requirements for any successful relationship along with love and trust is respect.  When you tell your partner you have the deepest respect for them, you are letting them know that they will always have a partner they can rely on to support them and one that is proud not only of their huge achievements but of their small ones as well.