6 Reasons Why You Giving Up Should Not Be An Option

Nov 16

This article is for any of you that may be reading this while going through a difficult time in your relationship, for the people who still know they feel love for someone else and are not prepared to give up.  One of my dear friend’s told me about the problems he was having with his girlfriend recently.  She feels stuck and doesn’t know what to do about it.  Her family does not like my friend at all and she is not really sure what to do about it because any solution she comes up with in her head, she loses in some way.  My friend told me that regularly discuss about amicably splitting up, but that it always makes them both incredibly sad because they love one another and don’t want to lose that.

They feel as if they have tried everything and nothing seems to work – her family are being stubborn and still not appreciating him or show him any sort of love.  My advice to him was NOT to give up and he should stay strong and resilient.  I told him this because I truly believe that life and love always finds a way.  I place a lot of faith and value in the phrase “if something is supposed to happen, it will happen regardless of what may get in the way”.  I applied it to their situation and told him that if him and his girlfriend are supposed to have a future together, nothing will stop that happening and they will have a future together.  On the other hand, if they are not supposed to be together, their relationship will end soon.  I wanted him to stay positive and put all negativity out of his mind.

You can consider this article a list of the many reasons why you should hold on tightly to what you have with your partner and even if the seas get rough, know that you should not give up.

1. Your Shared Emotional Bond

Take some time to think about your relationship and the bond you have together emotionally.  Is it really worth throwing that all away when things get a little tough and just giving up on it?  That emotional bond you share, the feelings you have for each other took a lot of work and time to build up and by trying to break it you will actually do a lot of bad rather than good because it’s a huge part of your emotional and mental being.  For the sake of the bond you share, it has got to be worth giving it a chance, holding on and not giving up.  Remember the bond you have together took so long to develop, but, can be broken in mere seconds,

2. All The Memories You Share

 Even if you have been with your partner for only a short length of time, you will still have an amazing amount of shared memories.  When you think back over the time you have spent together and the memories you have created, do they make you feel warm and comfortable inside?  Do they make you feel loved and want to smile uncontrollably?  Do they make you feel and believe that you and your partner were meant to be a couple?  Even if you only answered yes to one of those questions, that is reason enough not to give up and to work on making more great memories together.  Life is at times very hard to deal with, but remember that nothing worth having in life comes easy.  It is a constant battle, a fight to get and keep what you love.  If you don’t then you are the poor soul who quit on love.  Don’t do that, create more special memories with the person you love, together.

3. The Comfort You Feel With One Another

Over the years, particularly if you have been in a very long-term relationship with your partner, there is unique and very special comfort that will have developed.  You are comfortable with each other on a truly deep level.  Without even giving much thought or concern to it, you can both be yourselves – weird maybe, open definitely, about anything.  Even when you are sitting quietly together, there is that serene peacefulness, where there are no worries in either of your minds.  You really do know one another like the back of your hands and because of that, have very few problems.  You have to trust me on this one, I have been in many, many relationships and I know how difficult it is to find that level of comfort with a partner.  If you give up now, you might not find that kind of comfort with another person, so just don’t give up!

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