7 Ways You Can Be Sure Your Guy Really Loves You

Sep 02

1. He Is Good To You

You know a man really loves you if he is concerned about and treats your desires, needs and feelings as things that are as important as his own.  He is committed to making sure your life is as good as it can be and will go the extra mile and do more than is required to ensure that you are well and have a great life.  He extends this attitude towards your family and friends too. 

2. He Gives As Much Of His Time To You As He Can

A guy that really loves you won’t let too much time pass between seeing you again.  Whenever he can, he will spend his available free time with you because he wants to.  Even if you are in a long-term relationship, you know a man truly loves you if he does all he can to make sure you spend as much time together as possible when circumstances and schedules allow; but will make time for the important days and celebrations on the calendar such as New Year’s Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving,, Valentine’s Day, birthdays and of course anniversaries.

3. He Makes You Number One In His Life

 When your man really loves you, you are the first and most important thing on his mind.  When you aren’t together, he keeps in contact as much as he can.  He also tries to consider and think of you when he is making decisions and wants to do things that you want to do. 

4. He is Caring Towards You

If good things happen to you, he is the first one to congratulate and help you celebrate.  He is considerate of your feelings and supportive when you go through rough situations or come against obstacles in your life.  He sticks by you through the bad and difficult times as well as the good and easier ones.  When it is necessary he will not shy away from telling you, in a loving way, if you are approaching things in the wrong way or if he thinks you can improve yourself.

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  • Deb K

    I thought this is the way it should be. I was told a bunch of lies. I really missed it.

  • Ang

    apparently I have yet to feel this!

    • Whaddya want me to do?

      You will, keep the faith 🙂

    • Deb K

      You are not alone, Ang. I am married and I missed this.

  • Kristal Joiner

    Yep, he loves me NOT

  • Whaddya want me to do?

    I only counted 4 ways. They must have revised it down from 7.

  • Deb K

    I guess this really does exist. I really think this is the way God intended for a man to treat his woman and his wife.

  • Tahnee McClellan


  • Brenda Ray

    Where is he?!?

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