8 Reasons Why You Should Let People Go Who Are Not An Important Part Of Your Life

Sep 26
8 Reasons Why You Should Let People Go Who Are Not An Important Part Of Your Life

At some point in your life there will come a time when you need to let go of someone – whether it’s a friend, an ex or someone else.

It doesn’t matter if they have been in your life for a long or short time; when you first started the friendship or relationship, there was an immediate connection.  However, as time has marched on, you’ve come to realise that there is nothing that really connects you any more.  There is no real value that the relationship brings to your life or it could even be that what it brings to your life is damaging.

Often the reason we refuse to let go of people in our life based on how long they have been a part of it.  While time can keep a relationship strong; if there is no real value or purpose to it, it may be time to go your separate ways.

When you feel comfortable with someone you have known for while; this can be another reason why you are reluctant to let them go.  You know them and know them as part of your life, so anything beyond that is the unknown and that is scary.  As scary as it might be it is still not reason enough to keep someone who brings nothing positive to your life or brings nothing at all, in your life.

It is often better to leave how things were in your memories,  rather than trying to fight for something that can never be again.

Whatever the reason for you holding on to your friendship or relationship, it is time to face up to the reasons why it is time to let it go.  Below we look at 8 of the most important.

1. Things Have Changed

It is normal in life for people to drift apart for a variety of reasons such as no longer having the same connection, understanding each other, having the same interests or just wanting different things in life.

The truth is that it takes some time to let people go, but it is something you need to do because things can’t really go back the way they were.  If things no longer feel the same, do not be afraid or worry to let go, because there will be different people who will come into your life who will bring you a variety of emotions.

2. Loyalty And Trust Has Gone

If there is someone in your life that you know you no longer trust or know that they can be loyal to you, you need to examine just why you keep them in your life.  Loyalty and trust are the most important part of any relationship or friendship.

If those qualities are not present, then keeping them in your life will only bring, anger, tension, frustration and paranoia that you are better off without.

3. You Don’t Know Where You Stand

When you are in a relationship or friendship where everything is undefined and you are not sure where things stand, it can make things confusing because you don’t know what your place or role in the other person’s life is.  If you feel insignificant for whatever reason in someone’s life; you need to ask yourself why you are holding onto them.

It is more beneficial to have a relationship with people who are vocal about being your friend to you and anyone else.

4. It Is A Damaging Relationship Or Friendship

If for whatever reason you feel miserable or unhappy being friends with someone, you really need to say goodbye.  You should never be okay with being treated badly or feeling trapped in a relationship.

Regardless of whether they are simply not caring about you, belittling you, making you question your own decisions and feelings, embarrassing you, abusing you, not paying you enough attention or just putting you down – remove them and their caustic influence from your life as soon as you can.

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