8 Signs That Show You Are Not With The Right Person

Nov 18
8 Signs That Show You Are Not With The Right Person

A lot of relationships are being infected and broken down by incompatibility.  A good relationship is one that should make you feel strong and have real conviction in the decisions you make, make you feel more self-confident, make you feel happier, enhance your life and make everything else that is important clearer.  While that is what a good relationship should be a bad relationship, on the other hand, is a direct opposite to that description.  In the following article,we will help give you some food for thought with regards to your own relationship and whether or not you are with the right person.  You should be concerned and heed the warning signs if you recognise any of the situations because it may mean that you are with the wrong person and may need to consider ending your relationship.

1. They Never Let The Past Go

There will always be people in life you will come across who do whatever they can to make you feel low and bring you down, even if you are feeling positive.  Why is this?  The main reason someone does this is because they are envious of your life and how happy you are compared to them and they want you to feel bad to make themselves feel better.  Even if you have evolved and become a better person by learning from your past mistakes, these kind of people will remind you of those mistakes constantly. 

They will make you believe and think that you are always going to repeat your mistakes and no matter how hard you try you won’t be be able to actually do it because the truth is they don’t want you to change.  No-one needs that kind of negative and draining energy in their life, that is only looking to pull you back to those darker periods in your life.  It is one of the lowest forms of attack another person can use against you, using your past mistakes to bring you down and if your partner is the one doing it, you really shouldn’t need any other reasons to end it as soon as possible and look for a more positive person to be with.

2. They Always Lie To You

Only bad people lie and lie to hide their own mistakes.  Whether it is to make you think something exists that doesn’t, to pull the wool over your eyes or avoid blame that they deserve, bad people will lie more than once.  All good and healthy relationships should be based on a solid foundation of loyalty and trust.  It can’t be repeated enough, a lie is a lie and some of the smallest and insignificant lies can lead to the biggest problems that there is no easy solution to.  A partner who loves you, would not lie to you.

3. They Don’t Show Respect For Your Time

Do you find that in your relationship most of your time is spent on your partner and what they want and need and that same attention is not returned?  Do they make excuses and say they are doing something else right now?  Do you get the feeling they only want to spend time with you when it convenient to them and not because its convenient to you?  Do you get the impression that something is more important to them than you?  The thing you have to remember is that if they truly love you like they say they do, then it doesn’t really matter what they have scheduled or what else they are doing.  If they love you they will be willing to spend time with you even if it’s just to make you feel your feelings count for something or just to see you smile.  If they do not give you any time, you really should think about parting ways.

4. They Have No Respect For Your Dreams And Aspirations

A healthy relationship is one where you and your partner help each other become better people for being together.  It should help you reach your ambitions and dreams and not hold you back or bring you down.  Anyone who tells you that your dreams are far-fetched or you are not the right person to achieve your ambitions, does not actually believe what they are saying.  They are only saying it because they feel that way about their own life and dreams or because they have none.

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