8 Things You Should Remember When It All Goes Wrong

Sep 05

You should always remember that even when things go completely wrong, there is something to be thank for.  When life is good or bad, you need to wake up thankful for your life, remembering that somewhere out there someone else is having a hard time fighting for their life.

 Happiness after all, is not life without problems but knowing how to deal with problems.  Imagine what your mind could think up if it wasn’t stuck wrapped around your struggles and problems.  Instead of looking at what you do not have, think about all the things you do have; remembering that it’s not about what the world takes from you, it’s what you do with what remains.

When you need it most, the following reminders will help motivate you.

 1. Pain Is  A Part Of Maturing And Growing As A Person

 Doors close in life often because it’s time for you to move on and upwards.  This is a very good thing because unless circumstances and situations change some of us won’t move on.  When things get hard, remember that no-one suffers through pain for nothing.  Move on and get over the pain, but never forget the lesson you learned from it.  When you are struggling, it doesn’t necessarily mean you are failing.  Anything worth achieving or being a success in requires a certain amount of work and struggle and good things in life can often take a bit longer to come.  Keep a positive attitude and exercise patience and believe that everything will come together eventually.

 It is crucial that you remember that there are two types of pain in life – the pain that just hurts you and the pain that changes you, usually for the better.  Often, when allow them to, both pains help you to grow and develop.

 2. Everything Is Temporary

 Nothing keeps going the same way forever.  When it rains, it eventually stops raining – even if it takes a number of days or weeks.  When you hurt, you eventually heal.  When there is darkness, light follows it – something we are reminded about every morning.  Nothing in this life lasts forever .

So with that in mind, if you are enjoying life and good things are happening to you now; enjoy them because it won’t last.  Likewise, if things are not going so well and are bad at the moment, try not to worry too much because things won’t stay bad forever.  Just because life is bad and difficult at the moment don’t let that stop you from laughing and just because something is troubling you don’t let it stop you smiling.  With every moment there is a new ending and a new beginning.  You get second chances every moment – you just have to take them and run with them to get the best out of them.

 3. Complaining And Worrying Won’t Change Anything

 The people who complain the most in life are also the people who accomplish very little.  You should avoid doing nothing and being a success at it and try to do great things but fail.  Just because you lose, it doesn’t mean things are done and over.  They are only done and over if you just want to sit and complain about it all.  If you really believe and are passionate about something, don’t stop trying to make it happen or work.  Don’t let the failures of yesterday stop you from making today great.  Wasting time complaining about how bad yesterday went will not make tomorrow any better or brighter.  Instead – take action and let the lessons from the past improve your life. 

 And remember that no matter what happens in life; you will only truly be happy when you stop dwelling on and complaining about your problems in life and start cherishing and dwelling on the problems you don’t have to deal with.

 4. Scars Are A Sign Of Your Strength

 You should never feel ashamed of scars you have got in life.  When you scar, it means that you have hurt, but that the pain has dissipated and the wound has healed.  You worked through the pain, learned a lesson from it and became a stronger and better person for it and most importantly, you moved on.  Scars are like tattoos that celebrate your strength in life and you should be proud of them and what they symbolise. 

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