8 Things You Should Remember When It All Goes Wrong

Sep 05

 5. Each And Every Struggle In Life Is A Step In The Right Direction – Forwards

 Patience in life, rather than being about waiting on things to come your way; is about having the ability to work on your aspirations and goals with a good attitude.  If you want to try something, you may as well put the time and effort in and go all the way or there really is no point in starting in the first place.  It may mean you have to cope with a lack of comfort and stability for some time; losing your mind at times and not eating what you are used to or sleep where you are used to sleeping for a while.  It  may even mean you have to sacrifice familiar situations, environments and relationships and being so far outside of your comfort zone.  It could also mean you have to spend a lot of your time alone, but remember that when you are alone that is when truly great things can happen.  Isolation gives you space and time that you need to achieve things and anything else that life may throw at you is just a test of how determined you are to be successful.

 And if you really want it, you won’t delay and just do it regardless of the odds, rejections and failures.  With each and every step you take forwards you will feel better than you have ever felt in your life and you will come to the realisation that struggle isn’t just found on the path to success – it is the path.  And you will realise that it is worth it. 

 So if you are going to try something, try it to the fullest extent possible.  You can’t beat the feeling of feeling alive and knowing you are pushing yourself to the max. 

 6. It Is Not Your Problem If Other People Are Negative

 You need to work on being positive even when you are surrounded by negativity.  When others try to bring you down and feel as negative as they do, just smile.  This is one of the most effective and easiest ways to stay focused and enthused.  Keep being you, even when people treat you badly.  Don’t change who you are as a person just because someone else is bitter.  You should never take things personally in life, even if it seems like they are personal.  People do things because of who they are, not because who you are.

 Most importantly, do not change who you are just to and get approval from someone who thinks you aren’t good enough or valuable enough as you are.  Only change who you are to become a better person and have a positive affect on your life for yourself.  People will always have an opinion and will always voice it regardless of what you are doing in life and how well or badly you are doing it; so there really is no point worrying about what they think.  If you are passionate about something, don’t let anybody or anything stop you from fighting for it.  You gain great strength when you work through things that other, negative people see as being impossible. 

 7. If Something Is Meant To Be Or Happen, It Will Eventually

 You know you have true strength when there is so much in your life that you could complain and cry about, but choose to appreciate what you have and smile.  In each and every struggle you have to go through, there are blessings.  However, you have to open your mind and heart to find them.  When you try to force things to make them happen, you will only drive yourself crazy.  Eventually you have to make the decision to let go and just let what’s meant to happen, happen.

 Loving your life is all about learning through experience, cherishing the memories you have, losing and then finding happiness, taking risks and trusting in your own intuition.  You have to be in it for the long-haul.  Stop doubting, wondering and worrying all the time and laugh at the confusion that is life sometimes, always living consciously in the moment and enjoying life and whatever it throws at you.  Even if you don’t end up where you wanted to go, you will always end up where you needed to go.

 8. Keep On Keeping On

 Never be afraid to just get up and try again – dream again, live again and love again.  Hard lessons are not meant to harden and bitter your heart.  The best lessons you can learn in life are most often the ones that come from the worst mistakes you make and during the worst points in your life.    You will go through times and situations where it feels as if everything that could possibly go wrong, is going wrong and you will probably think that things will stay that way forever.  Remember that they won’t and when you feel like giving up, you need to hold on to the fact that sometimes things need to go completely wrong before they can go completely right.  Sometimes to reach your best, you have to go through the worst that life can throw.

Life is tough – no-one will argue that statement.  But, you are tougher.  Find that inner strength to laugh and smile every day and find the inner courage to keep feeling different, but truly beautiful.    Try to make other people in your life smile too and don’t worry about the things you are unable to change. 

 Wake up each morning and follow this routine as best you can –

  •  Think positive thoughts
  • Eat healthy food
  • Exercise
  • Don’t worry as much
  • Work harder
  • Laugh more
  • Sleep better
  • Repeat.