9 Chivalrous Gestures That All Women Love

Sep 22
9 Chivalrous Gestures That All Women Love

It is very easy to become jaded and feel as if we are never going to find that true gentleman of our dreams.  The modern dating scene is full of infidelity and therefore as women we prepare for the worst.  When we meet a truly special and chivalrous man then it feels like a breath of fresh air.

The interesting thing is that chivalry is not about big and grand gestures; it’s the little things that show that a man is keenly interested in a woman’s interest and exudes sincerity.

The following 9 gestures prove that men are still chivalrous on a day to day level.

1. Open Doors For You

If the guy you are with makes the effort to open doors for you, he is worth sticking with.  Especially if they make a point of getting out of the car and opening your door for you, instead of getting out the car or into the car and waiting for you to sort yourself.

2. Saves Their Last Bite Of Food

We all know how much men love their food, so if your man saves his very last bite of a meal – particularly if it’s that juicy bit of steak or another of his favourites that he has been enjoying for the last 20 minutes, you know he really loves you.  It’s his way of saying he loves you more than his food, which coming from a man with a good appetite, means a heck of a lot.

3. Enjoys Spending Time With Your Family

Although they may seem like relatively small gestures in the larger scheme of things, take note if a guy shows interest in spending time with your family.  If he likes to have a giggle and go out with your little brother to play ball or compliments your mom’s cooking or just enjoys looking at your baby photos and learning about your family, he is interested in a long term thing.

4. Watches Chick Flicks

If your guy will sit through your favourite chick flicks and female-orientated shows; don’t underestimate the value of this gesture.  The reason he is willing to do it is because he knows you will enjoy it and wants to spend time with you doing things you like, and isn’t just interested in his own pleasure.  It shows your pleasure is as important, if not more important, than his own.

5. Sends You Flowers

Obviously you would expect flowers on your anniversary or Valentine’s Day.  However, if your guy has a habit of picking up flowers while doing some light grocery shopping just because he thought you’d like them, it means that you are at the forefront of his mind.  Don’t overlook or ignore this small and very chivalrous gesture.

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