9 Points How An Immature Couple Differs From A Mature One

Jul 22

Although the common phrase is to fall in love, it is not really something you would associate with mature couples if you think about it.  Falling suggests dropping yourself lower than you were before and when you fall you have to get up.

Love should never been seen like that – if you want to do it correctly.  That is why we would say that immature couples fall, while mature couples coast along, because love is either wrong or it is right, it is either forever or just a passing game; a couple is either immature or its mature.

 How would you be able to tell if you are in a mature or immature relationship?  How can you tell if your relationship will only last 2 months or is going to last for much longer, maybe even forever?

For starters, it should be very easy – from the very first day to the last.  No obsessive, possessiveness, no fighting or drama because that is all for kids.  Drama is what people get up to who don’t know how to have a proper relationship.  They live follow a very unrealistic ideal that love is like a wild beast. 

The truth is that love should be and is very easy; it’s the calm, safe and very natural and not something that needs to be fought for every single day of your life.

 When you are in love with someone and they are in love with you, there are no doubts, only certainties and peace.  That kind of peace of mind that revives, humbles and soothes you all at once.

While an immature relationship drowns, a mature one lives with the peace of mind spoken of above.

1. While immature relationships always ask questions; mature relationships always answer them

 Immature relationships involve a lot of doubts and there are always questions that need answering, such as: Will we stay together?  Does he really love me? 

 You know you are in a mature relationship if you don’t feel the need to ask such questions, because you already know the answer.

 You are secure and comfortable and know that being part of a mature couple does not involve questions needing answers.

 2. While mature relationships give you exactly what you need; immature relationships leave you looking for more. 

When you are in an immature relationship there is always the feeling that you are missing something.  You think about it when you are away from your partner, when you sleep and other points of the day.  Rather than dealing with it and facing up to it, you ignore it and cover over it with inane chatter and sex.

When you are in a mature relationship though, you don’t have any of those feelings.  There is nothing missing because the love the two of you mature people have fills in any gaps. 

3. While mature people in a relationship are comfortable being two separate people; immature people scramble to be one whole person

 When you yourself are incomplete and try to have a relationship, you try immaturely to create one whole person with the two halves that you and your partner make up.

 The problem is that what you are trying to do is in vain because rather than creating one whole and complete person, you will just make a flawed individual. 

 You know you are in a mature relationship, when neither of you feel the need to be half of one single person and are happy being two separate people.  The aim of a relationship is not to try and make one person after all, it is for both of you to work at making each other two better people together than you were on your own.

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