9 Signs The Man You’re With, Should Be Your Husband

Jun 25
9 signs you should marry him

In life there is one thing more important than rhyme, reason, power and money and it’s the one thing we are all chasing after, ladies – love.

The feeling of being head over heels, properly in love can be compared to that comfortable and safe feeling you get when you return home.  You have no worries and all you want to do is give that special man your heart to treasure.

When you are that much in love with someone, it is very easy to imagine being together with them forever.  However, how can you tell it I not just fantasy but the real deal?

It may feel outdated, but most of us still see marriage as an important and serious bonding between two people in love.  In the following article you will find 9 signs to look out for that tell you the man you are with should be your husband.

9. He doesn’t expect you to be anyone, but yourself around him.

He doesn’t expect you to be anyone, but yourself around him

As we all have our fair share of good and bad days, if your man is the kind of guy who understands this and accepts you for who and what you are, regardless of how you are feeling, he is definitely husband material.

Anyone that truly loves you for who you are would never expect you to pretend that you are in a good or happy mood when you are not.  You especially know you are on to a winner, when your guy is happy to laze around with you on the days when you just want to dress in baggy, comfortable clothes and mong out on the sofa or in bed.

8. He finds happiness in your happiness, and vice versa

He finds happiness in your happiness

You know you have the right man to spend the rest of your days and nights because he always wants and tries to do what is best for you, regardless of what it costs him.

The man you want to be your husband is the one that gives of his time and everything else freely an unselfishly and who relishes in sharing your personal interests and making them his own, because they are yours.

He will always make time for you, no matter how busy his working life gets, making sure you know you are still the most important person in his life.

7. On the bad days, you’d still rather be with him than be alone.

On the bad days, you’d still rather be with him than be alone

It doesn’t matter if you’ve had the worst day of your life in a long time, even when you don’t want to see, speak or spend time with anyone else; you want to be with him, because everything feels better when you are with him, compared to how it feels when you are on your own.

You know he should be your husband if he allows you the time to air your thoughts, feelings, worries, gripes and moans without interruption and does not try to disregard them.  His passion and confidence in the relationship has a powerful influence on you and increases the excitement you feel from being in a relationship with him.  You simply don’t want to spend time apart from him.

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