9 Serious Warning Signs That You are With Bad Company

Jul 15

Who you become in life is determined in a big way by who you choose to associate with and spend time with.  Although luck might control who strolls into your life; but, it is you and you alone who gets to do decide who goes, who you pursue and who stays.

 You really need to spend time with people who encourage and support you to become a better person and let the ones who don’t leave.  Below you will find some warning signs to be aware of that are a sign you are spending too much time with the latter. 

1. When It’s Convenient To Them They Make Time For You 

It is common sense that any loving relationship that does not have communication and interaction; is heading for trouble.  This is especially true if there are issues of a lack in commitment.

 Forget all about the people who only spend time with you when it’s convenient.  If someone really cares about you and loves you, they will make time for you in their life.

2. They Constantly Bring Up The Past

Regardless of how much progress you make to turn yourself around and change, there will always be some people who refuse to believe that you have changed.  It may be hard for them to see how well you are growing and moving on in life,.  They will always be there to offer you handy reminders of the times you screwed.  The best thing you can do is not even acknowledge them.  

3. It Feels Like A Trap

People who are in healthy relationships should always feel comfortable with the windows and door open.   When everyone has that sense of freedom, no-one feels like they are trapped.  Remember that it doesn’t matter how many windows or doors are open; if someone wants to be with you they will find a way to make it happen.  Whereas if someone.  However, if someone in your life closes all the windows and doors in an effort to trap you; you know it’s time to look for something else.

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