9 Things You Should Avoid Saying To Your Man

Jul 18

You can ruin a relationship very quickly and easily with the wrong words.  Regardless of how long you have been with your man, the moment you say something you should never say to a man, it could end in heartbreak.  Although women are generally the more sensitive of the sexes, men are not free from getting hurt too, even if they are patient and brave. 

There are some things that men don’t like to hear and if you really love your man you should try hard to avoid saying the following 9 phrases.

1. You Are A Just A Mommy’s Boy

It can be hard to date and spend time with a man who is a “mommy’s boy”, however if you really respect your man and care about him you should never say it to his face.  Accept him for who he is and never try to change him.  The thing is, if he is a mommy’s boy in his 20’s and 30s, that won’t change when he turns 50.  If you really see a future with him, you need to just deal with it and show him that you appreciate his mom even more than your own, as this will warm his heart even more to you. 

2. Ask Him For More Info About His Ex

It is always tempting, even when we know it is a really bad idea to be too fixated with the past, to ask about our partner’s old relationships.  You should avoid at all costs, talking to much about exes and especially avoid speaking about the intimate parts of the relationships.  It will not improve your relationship; but will probably make it worse or finish it.

3. Isn’t She Gorgeous

Although it should be an obvious no-no, so many women make the same mistake of saying the above phrase when talking about a girl they see out and about with their boyfriend/partner.  The problem with saying something like this is if your partner responds and agrees, it can lead you to feel jealous and may even start a fight, involving further questions like “Would you rather be with someone that looked like her?” or “Is she prettier than me?”  Even if you say that you are just curious about his thoughts, as soon as it has been said and he responds, the damage has been done.  Even if he says no, you will think he is just lying to protect your feelings.

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