Tips and Ideas For Lighting Up Your Closet Properly

Jul 21
Tips and Ideas For Lighting Up Your Closet Properly

Whether an indulgent walk-in or a designated section, your closet must be given utmost importance to turn it into a first-class shopping experience. In fact, no person should be fumbling in the dark early in the morning just to find shoes that would match their outfit.

The first thing you should be doing is to make your closet’s strong points stand out. And what we’re saying is, of course, through the use of light fixtures.

When we talk about the proper lighting of your closet and the appropriate light fixtures you should be using, there are various things you should keep on top of your mind. Wondering what those are? Read on this article as we will be discussing the tips on how to light your closet properly and some lighting styles you can try.

How to Light Your Closet Properly

#1 Use LED strip lights for small closets.

In reality, the majority of us do not have closet spaces reaching up to 500 square feet. Typical closets tend to be narrow and drab with insufficient lighting. If you are looking for a simple way of creating a better light for an area not allowing that much development, you can try installing led light tapes along the hanging rods aside from typical ceiling fixtures. 

If your cabinet has doors, you can wire the lights on an automatic switch so they will automatically turn on once the doors are opened. You can do this yourself easily without the need for an electrician and spending your month’s salary.

#2 Use track lighting if you’re looking for an easier alternative.

Install large track lights on the sides of a walk-in closet. This highlights the textiles making them look like artworks. This is an excellent alternative to a painful installation of small lights in cubicles because the fixtures’ adjustable heads make directing light towards a dark corner easier.

For this, you would want a bulb that has a high wattage to maximize the track lighting. You can opt for CFL or LED bulbs because they produce clean white glows without emitting high amounts of heat which can be suffocating in small spaces.

You can find the best track lighting kits for both small and large spaces in this article.

#3 Spice up your closet through a centerpiece.

If your closet has some extra space, you can add a fancy focal point. You can use a chandelier to enhance your style and make it feel like your closet is a place where you would want to spend your time.

Install the chandelier at the center of our closet above a nice sofa, if you have one. This does not only give task lighting to your dressing area but also makes the area feel glamorous. It would be ideal if your closet is near a balcony where the extra natural light can come from.

#4 Use a high-gloss finish to make your closet look wider.

If you are innovating a small closet area, complement the lighting with high-gloss paint in white on your drawers, shelves, and walls. High beams are going to bounce off from the white areas which makes the space more inviting and seem wider. It is also recommended to add sconces for the illumination of the whole area and installing miniature light sources for corners.

#5 Try relocating your closet.

If your house hasn’t been blessed with adequate space for a customized closet, try relocating the space. Find a natural source of light in your house – probably a second bedroom that is unused –  and build a closet on it. The window should be the space’s centerpiece so that you can clearly see how you would look in a little red dress.

#6 No light is too much light.

Do not forget the purpose of your closet: for your clothes. The texture and true color of your clothes become alive in natural lights even on cloudy days. The lighting on your closet should imitate sunlight bouncing off both vertical surfaces and the ground

Opting for direct and indirect lighting will help in creating washes of lights without distinguishable shadows for trying the simulation of exterior lighting. Here is a comparison between direct and indirect lighting.

Make your ceiling a proportionally neutral white to make the light from fixtures bounce off from the surfaces while casting a direct light downwards, outwards, and around. Having a lot of light is important in a dressing area, even if it is too much.

Want more? Below are four more lighting styles and ideas you can try.

Four Lighting Styles and Ideas For Your Closet

#1 Motion Sensor Light Sticks

If you are not the only one keeping your closet, the preferred lighting may vary. A nice way of ensuring that everyone is contented is by using a motion sensor light stick. This is powered by a battery and is very easy to install as no wiring is needed. It allows the illumination of the areas of your closet like a spotlight.

#2  Dimmers

Using one size of lighting that fits all may be suitable for some areas but not your closet.  Use another lighting that seems to be more tailored for you. Dimmers are an excellent option to produce ambient lighting which you can control on varying times of the day.

To give a warm radiance to your closet, use dimmers for areas that are tricky. One of the advantages of using dimmers is they allow adjustment of the light intensity. For instance, you might not exactly want to be greeted with a very bright light in early mornings or late nights.

Read this article to know the basics of dimmable light bulbs and dimmable lighting.

#3 Lighting Under Cabinets

The key to making a dull closet more operative is through lighted rods. Camouflaging the light sources in your closet through lighted bars is an excellent way of giving that painless feeling while you walk in your closet.

If there are shelving or cabinets in your closet, tuck lighting underneath the cabinets for a shadowless impact.  

#4 Wall Fixtures

It is more flattering to have light sources that are coming from various heights than just depending on overhead lights. Lights that are front-facing are necessary for vanities and mirrors.

To include sources for illuminating your features, peripheral lighting would be a good way. Don’t hesitate the reconsideration of the fixture heights so that their locations are most favorable to you.


Who said that closets have to be dull storage areas that should stay hidden? Turn your closet lighting to another level to make your clothing the star and you the VIP shopper by following the tips and ideas we have laid out for you in this article. Enjoy trying out these ideas to transform your closet into something where you would want to spend your time in.