How to Keep It Fresh: Avoiding Bad Breath, Body Odor, and Cheap Cologne

Apr 15

It’s the summer of ’19 and with the scorching heat soaring to 30 degrees, keeping fresh is a challenge we all must learn to master.

Most of us frequent instances where our biggest challenge is our personal hygiene and our relationship towards how we attain to those. It’s a common paradox to have bad breathe and body odor as a primary cause of anxiety.

There definitely isn’t any hate for having these absolutely normal body responses, but there certainly are loopholes to get away from these pesky stink trails. Follow through for these easy hacks.

How to Avoid Bad Breath

Don’t let bad breath be the cause of bad blood! It’s very much possible to have bad breath due to oral complexities and also does depend on your oral habits.

If you are a person who devours and thrives on coffee, chugs down a pint of beer after the other and a chain smoker, then odds are you will have breath issues. These often are the result of long term practices.

There are also rare oral diseases that is inevitable and has a prevailing long term effect but that can’t stop you from enjoying yourself to the fullest. Your laugh should drive them crazy, not drive them away.

Here are simple hacks to make your day:

1) Dental Checkups

Yes you are busy, Yes you have bills to pay but Yes you also have time to check in with your dentist too. Scheduled dental checkups shouldn’t be hefty on your wallet.

Dental cavities, gum diseases, food habits will amplify your oral distress regarding breath, but there is nothing that your dentist can’t guide you through with.

2) Swish! Floss! Spit!

Alright! There are so many of us who have pearly whites without even trying, and then there are the rest of us. Healthy takes trial and errors, and effort- continuous, maddening effort.

If you aren’t going to use mouth wash or floss, there is barely any balance because every day you are consuming food that is adding to the complexity.

Mouth wash and flossing is a perfect combo to kill or bring out any food particles stuck in the corner of your mouth. A regular routine will restore the natural fresh environment in your mouth.

3) Brush and Brush

This is old school basics if you eat your brush! You have three meals and other tid-bits along the way- brushing after every meal is very ridiculous of an idea.

Brushing twice a day is the balanced minimum to have your mouth feeling fresh and to keep bad breath at bay!

How to Avoid Body Odor

Have you always been that person who just adores hugs but has been at arm’s length because you got the serious case of B.O? Before you get the blues, let’s break down why you have it in the first place.

B for Bacteria! It’s always bacteria. Bacteria can thrive in moist environments, which on your body parts are your armpits, knee pits, and any area of your body where you can easily sweat from.

Men or women, we all sweat and have an odor but the fact that some of us just can hack it better will always be the universal truth. So hop on for some few tricks to keep up your sleeve.

1) Shower

Showers are fun unless it’s winter but even in winter you can sweat. Yes that can happen. For most with excessive sweating, showering twice can be the best number but shower once a day even if it’s a 2 minute one.

2) Smell like a daisy

The market is a flower and we are the bees. Choosing the right product that makes you smell great and can sustain it is not vanity, it’s gospel!

Deodorants, shower gels, sprays and perfumes all have mild to strong smell; just because you sweat, strong isn’t always your poison. Experiment with products that suit you and reduces body odor from emitting.

3) Let your body breath

Body cons and body tights are marvelous and bring the best in you but what good is that if people can smell you from the other block?

Loose, breathable cotton clothes are so much better than other materials, especially during summer. Skin tights usually trap sweat which gives bacteria perfect breeding ground.

How to Avoid Cheap Cologne

Here is a quick rundown on buying cheap cologne. Colognes are the final fantasy of a great conversation. Colognes can turn your excitement on and can kill you at the same time- figuratively.

There are a few cologne brands which wear off five minutes after you wear it, leaving behind a poisonous stench. However, some are exactly the opposite and just do remarkable wonders. While buying cheap colognes, at least have a test trial before the D-day.

General Guidelines

Having bad breath and body odor is everyone’s nightmare but there is nothing that can stop you from overpowering it with the right weapon.

1) Limit spicy food: as much as you love to blow your top off, limit it to once or twice a week.

2) Drink your adult drink- Water! Water can be amazeballs in controlling odor for both.

3) Keep a pack of sugar-free mint gum in case you have a big meeting or a date coming up.

4) Re-organize your diet. It’s time to cut out on heavy garlic, alcohol, curry consumption. You can love food but there are people who want to love you so find the balance and shine brightly.

If you think all there are too troublesome, then simply invest in a few decent, faveable recommended, branded colognes that suits your skin and body.

Chew on this

As you get older and busier, you have less time to cater to yourself and your needs. There are habits which you develop and routines that get rigid for you to breathe and work on yourself.

Medical causes are a primary instigator of B.0 and bad breathe but it doesn’t have to be that.

Now that we have shed some light on the why don’t be embarrassed to strut your way like the confident individual that you are.

Just, practice them regularly. Remember, baby steps and you will blossom like a dandelion.