9 Tips to Create a Warm and Inviting Living Room

Jul 11
9 Tips to Create an Inviting and Warm Living Room

Living rooms are THE focal points of almost every home.

Indeed, people typically spend over 20% of their time there! It’s a space to relax, entertain, watch movies and chill out at the end of a long day.

But what if you don’t enjoy hanging out in yours? Sure, the room might be functional. You’ve got the TV, the couch, the La-Z-Boy…Maybe a bookshelf or two. Yet, for whatever reason, it just doesn’t compel you to spend time there.

Other areas of the house become more appealing, even if they’re far less practical. You’d love to rectify matters. But how do you go about it? Interested in learning more?

Keep reading to discover 7 tips for creating an inviting, warm living room in your home.

1. Prioritize Warming Colors

The colors in your living space will make a major difference to the ambiance. Think carefully about the atmosphere you want to evoke.

Sure, bright white paints on the walls may provide a modern sense of space and openness. But with no complementary flashes of color, it can feel stark and cold. Compare that to warmer shades of yellow, orange or red.

These elicit a sense of coziness and comfort.

Of course, the right palette for you depends entirely on your overall aesthetic. There’s nothing wrong with all-white. However, try incorporating colors in your accessories and furnishings to balance it out.

2. Use Comfortable Furnishings

There’s nothing better than sinking into a beautiful sofa at the end of the day. Conversely, it’s horrible having nothing but hard, awkward furniture instead.

You’ll never want to spend time in the living room if there’s nothing comfortable to sit on! Prioritize furniture that you can’t wait to rest your weary bones upon! Remember that furniture doesn’t always have to be expensive either.

You can often find absolute bargains in the off-season, second-hand stores, and on discount shopping sites too (this Wayfair coupon is one example).

3. Be Sensible with Lighting

The lighting in your living room is also key to creating an inviting space. This is true in the day time as much as the evenings.

During the day you’ll benefit from having lots of natural light coming through. After all, there’s nothing like a dark, dank room to turn you off the idea of spending time there. Light creates an inviting sense of freshness and openness.

In the evenings, low lighting inevitably contributes to a cozy vibe. Dimmable lighting, stand up lights and lamps all assist here. With warm light covering the walls, you won’t be able to resist spending time in the room!

4. Lay Down a Rug

There’s nothing better than a rug for generating a sense of warmth. Area rugs create something comfy to rest your feet upon. They also keep the space warmer in a literal sense! That’s especially true on wood flooring, where cold air can come up into the room.

Rugs are aesthetically pleasing too. With particular colors and patterns, you can demonstrate your personality. The space becomes more individualized. It enables a sense of ownership over the space- it feels like yours. As such, you’re far more likely to enjoy spending time in it.

In living rooms with modern, minimal color palettes, a flash of color in the rug can make a big difference.

It can be one of the complementary accessories we mentioned before.

5. Make It Smell Nice

Nasty smells don’t lend themselves well to inviting spaces. No-one wants to spend time in a room that smells awful! In exactly the same way, everyone will want to spend time in a space that smells amazing.

Consider using air fresheners to create a fresh, nice-smelling living room. This can be particularly helpful when you have pets. Dogs have a nasty habit of bringing unwanted smells into the area!

Over time, their scent can rub off onto your furnishings. An air-freshener is an easy way to rectify the problem. Remember to regularly wash your covers, carpets, and rugs too!

6. Use Candles

Remember the value in low lighting? Well, it doesn’t get much lower than candles!

Candles inevitably create a warming sense of comfort. It’s impossible not to feel more relaxed when candles are in place! Of course, you needn’t try to light the room with them…and definitely, don’t light the room on fire! However, a few well-placed candles can make a big difference.

You could also buy scented candles to kill two birds with one stone. They combine a lovely smell of your choice with the low lighting we’ve just discussed.

Candles provide a lovely sensory experience. And the simplest ones generally cost next to nothing to buy.

7. Create More Space

Sometimes there are practical reasons a room becomes uninviting. We’ve already mentioned the role bad smells can play, for example!

However, mess and clutter are another. It isn’t uncommon to have more stuff than space to put it in. As a result, living areas get taken up with all manner of material possessions.

Unfortunately, this makes for an oppressive vibe. It’s often harder to relax with clutter around. Clearing the area cultivates a more relaxing atmosphere. Equally, less mess just looks better anyway! You’re more likely to enjoy the room when it’s clean, tidy and uncluttered.

Try getting rid of everything and anything you don’t need. If you can’t sell it, or through it out, then put it into storage.

Create an Inviting and Warm Living Room

There you have it: 7 top tips for creating an inviting and warm living room.

Living areas are where most people spend most of their waking hours at home. It’s a space to sit, relax and unwind. It’s a room to entertain loved ones, watch movies or read a book. It’s a safe haven amongst the stresses of daily life.

But not always! For one reason or another, living rooms can become uninviting. Thankfully, as we’ve seen, there are easy steps to take to rectify the problem!

Hopefully, this post will help you do exactly that.

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