Cute Relationship Quotes to Share with Your Beloved One

Jun 28
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Love is an amazing feeling. I remember when I first felt love, it was magical. Suddenly, the whole world starts to appear special to you and you can’t stop smiling when you think of them. Often, this makes you feel like finding romantic things to say to your partner or cute relationship quotes to share with them.

Love makes you laugh, love makes you cry, it gives you a fulfilling experience and it makes you a better person. People who have fallen in love, will surely agree with me. There are many ways  you can be expressive to your partner and illustrate your feelings to them.

But, the ideal way is sharing secret romantic messages, in the form of love quotes.

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Words spoken will leave an impression. But things that are written for your partner will burn a new flame of love, as they’re read over and over. So, I suggest writing down your feelings in a text message or letter, so they  can be savoured.

Here are some examples of cute relationship quotes you can send to your loved one.

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50 Best Cute Relationship Quotes for the Love of your life

50 best cute relationship quotes for the love of your life


Being cute is often the way straight into someone’s heart, so let’s start there.

  1. When I found you, it was the first good thing to happen to me. Falling for you was the second
  2. To miss you has become my hobby. I might be anywhere in this world, but you never leave my mind
  3. I think I’m the luckiest person on the earth, only because of you
  4. People keep asking me about what’s on my mind. I just want to say its YOU
  5. I feel sad when you’re not around me and my heart finds profuse joy when I see you in front of my eyes
  6. You are that habit that I never wanna quit
  7. You have become the need of my life
  8. I love you because you make me feel like the most beautiful person on the earth
  9. You got into my heart, stole it and never gave back
  10. I want to tell the world that it’s only you whom I owe my soul
  11. Oops, we did a common crime. You stole my heart and I stole yours
  12. A genuine person will never feel the need to make physical contact to a girl to show his love
  13. You have always stood by me whenever I needed someone to comfort me
  14. I think my family would love you
  15. I need your love forever and ever
  16. I love spending my time lost in thoughts of you
  17. I have only one need from life and that is YOU
  18. I have felt the fear of losing you, ever since you came close to me
  19. Words will never express the exact feelings that I have in my heart for you
  20. My love for you is not like seasons that change so often, it’s like oxygen that will always be there in the air
  21. If I can rearrange the ABC set then I would like to arrange U next to I forever
  22. Our relationship is no less then the relationship of Tom and Jerry. We might chase each other and irritate each other. But one thing that we both can’t do, is to live without one another
  23. If you ask me how much I missed you today, I will say once. Because when you come to my mind, I never let you go away
  24. I might have made many mistakes in my life but loving you was the accomplishment that I achieved
  25. I always made fun of people who talked about soul mates. But when I met you, I realized that they were so right
  26. You are my sunshine as I take strength and light from you to make decisions in my life
  27. I can spend thousands of years loving you
  28. I feel so special when you express yourself to me
  29. There is nothing in this world that can take us apart from each other. I love you
  30. If I was a poet, my best poem would have been for you.
  31. I take inspiration from you and get the strength to get going in life
  32. No distance can separate our souls from each other
  33. The beauty of our relationship is the passion we share with each other
  34. You can go anywhere in the world, I will chase you and be with you forever
  35. I don’t have to try to be happy. When you are with me it happens itself
  36. I will take care of you in sickness and in health
  37. I choose you from millions of people and I don’t think that anyone could be as good as you are
  38. When you don’t express your love with words, your eyes do the deed for you
  39. I want to go back in time and relive the moment when we first met
  40. My life was lonely and aimless before meeting you. Now I have become more hopeless as I have only one thing to do and that is to think of you
  41. I can’t concentrate on my work because you are always on my mind
  42. I am full of joy and contentment when you are around
  43. You changed my life with your love and now when people compliment me for the kind of person I am, I smile and say it’s all him
  44. With you I feel like I am in heaven
  45. When you smile at me, the strings of my heart start to play music
  46. We are like water and salt. We dissolve in each other without leaving any trail behind
  47. I want to treat you the way it feels like I am still trying to win you, because I never wanna lose you.
  48. A relationship can only be perfect if it has a U and a Me
  49. You hold my hand when I am scared, you comfort me when I am feeling low, you are the cause of my laughter
  50. Its my heart that smiles when you come across me

Cute Quotes About Relationships for Him

Cute quotes about relationships for Him


Saying some cute things to your boyfriend can make his day. Try out these lovely quotes below.

  1. We were destined to be together. That’s why the universe made its move
  2. Time stops when you’re near me
  3. To love someone is nothing but to be loved makes difference. I want to be loved by you
  4. I want you Today, Tomorrow, Next week, and the rest of my life
  5. Everything you say, I feel like it creates an impression in my heart
  6. You touched my soul with the purity of your heart
  7. We make a great pair, you smile I smile- you cry I cry. We are so similar
  8. It took me a second to fall in love with you and now I want to spend my whole life with you
  9. We are like a deck of cards. Our colors vary but we cannot do anything without each other
  10. When I look at you, the whole world freezes
  11. My heart stopped pumping blood in my body. Now it pumps love for you
  12. When I first looked at you I knew we were meant to be together
  13. You were the commitment and I was the passion, we found each other and created a new kind of relationship
  14. I can fight with you mercilessly but I cannot spend a second without you
  15. You were the perfect reflection of my dream girl. I realized it when I first saw you
  16. I feel like the luckiest person on the planet, you gave me everything I wanted from my relationship
  17. With you, life seems so uncomplicated and subtle
  18. I am glad that we met and fell in love. No one else can ever bear my craziness as much as you did
  19. My heart left my body when I saw you. But suddenly I felt it back in me. Later I found out that it was yours
  20. My beauty is with you. I don’t cherish compliments from others. Its only you who makes me feel beautiful

Cute Relationship Quotes For Her

Cute relationship quotes for Her


  1. Like pizza is incomplete without mozzarella, I am incomplete without you
  2. It is said that home is where the heart resides. So does that mean that you are my home?
  3. As long as I live I will never forget your smile and touch
  4. Great couples are not the ones who never fight. They are the ones who fight but always find their way back to each other
  5. The only purpose of my arrival on this planet is to love you
  6. As long as I am in your life, you will never be alone
  7. “You make a beautiful couple”  the best compliment I have ever received
  8. Those corny songs about love never made any sense to me before. With you it feels like every word was meant for us
  9. The best feeling in the world is when I feel that I am being loved by you.
  10. I am so scared to lose you. If there comes a day, I would rather make it work. No matter how hard it is.
  11. When I first saw you, I used to dream of you. I never knew one day I would make you fall in love with me
  12. Your beauty is to die for
  13. I can do anything in this world other than see you cry
  14. Your smile gives me strength and your tears make me feel like I will explode with grief
  15. I will carry our love inside my heart to my grave
  16. The world doesn’t make any sense to me when you are not around
  17. Your name is like my life living elixir
  18. Your presence gave me so much strength in life that now I can do possibly anything in the world
  19. I hate to see you cry and your smile is my strength
  20. I accept you with all your flaws and crazy habits because I love you

Best Relationship Quotes

Best Relationship Quotes


  1. Someone told me that love is magical. I never believed until I saw you
  2. Having you in my arms was a dream. Thank you for making it come true
  3. Every time you look at me with love in your eyes, I start feeling like the most beautiful girl in the world
  4. Your touch gives me shudders
  5. I feel lucky to be part of your life
  6. I got you with the grace of god and I will always regard almighty’s choice for me
  7. You are the paper and I am the pen. We both are manufactured differently but of no use without each other
  8. My journal was my best friend. I wonder when you replaced it and became the keeper of all my secrets
  9. I wanted to be with someone whose love can consume me. My dream came true as it happens to be you
  10. I don’t need anything else in life as long as I have you by my side

You should also try sending Good night quotes to your parter on a regular basis to keep your love more beautiful and romantic.

Love isn’t something that can be earned without going through tough times. But what would your relationship possibly be if you don’t know how to cherish your hard earned love with your partner?

Above are some cute relationship quotes that not only help you with easy expression of love, but it also helps you in recognizing your responsibilities towards your partner.

We all crave true love and if you have it, cherish it to the fullest.