Why Drawing is So Important For Kids

Sep 12
kid is drawing

Art is a fantastic and important aspect in the development of your child’s life. Although their masterpieces might look like scribbles, they are actually building skills that they will use as they grow. Just as you will notice that writing and reading improve with age, so does children’s drawing skills. Children are naturally creative in ways adults aren’t. Through drawing, you can help nurture their natural artistry and motor skills. The role of parents and teachers can play is to introduce children to a variety of materials so that they can create drawings that will help them learn.

The benefits kids get from drawing

Drawing can be just what your child needs to build up their self-worth and confidence. It also validates their creativity, which is 100% unique to them. Their drawings can inspire your child to be more confident in other areas of their life. Drawing helps to develop their imagination and helps them pay attention to details in their environment.

In most cases, children can’t fully comprehend certain concepts that most adults already understand. Drawing can help to develop these areas such as distance, size comparison, and textural differences. It also provides a more deliberate and meaningful way to learn these concepts. Drawing is an activity that makes children use their senses to learn from their environment. Research shows that creative activities, like drawing, can help kiddos with their cognition, memory and recognition. Visual memory is especially improved when children draw things from memory. It forces them to recall the details and try to replicate them with as much accuracy as possible.

Aside from physical or perceptual skills, learning to draw has many emotional and psychological benefits. Children who draw may begin to feel more confident about their abilities over time. They can learn an important life lesson about how practice helps improve skills if they dedicate themselves.

Research shows drawing helps students succeed in school

Research from Shirley Brice Heath of Stanford University over a ten-year national study of children that were involved in art-based activities within their community programs in comparison with a national sample of students were:

  • Three times more likely to win a school attendance award
  • Four times more likely to win an academic award, such as being on the honor roll
  • Eight times more likely to receive a community service award
  • Likely to score higher on their SAT college admission test scores
  • Four times more likely to participate in a math or science fair

Drawing is so much more than pencils and paper too. Budsies provides children the opportunity to turn their doodles and drawing into tangible custom stuffed plush toys that they can take anywhere! Imagine the joy a child feels when they see their creations come to life.

At the end of the day, art will always be incredibly important for children and their development. Hands-on artistic activities are not only fun for kids, but it has been proven to help them learn better across all disciplines. Every kid is different, so it’s good to focus on what works for your kiddos, but keep in mind that simply drawing and coloring could have lasting physical and mental benefits. What does your child like to draw the most?