Some facts that every woman should know about losing weight quickly

Sep 09
facts that every woman should know about losing weight quickly

There are many facts that every girl or a woman must be aware of if they want to lose weight quickly and efficiently.

Men and women are not equal physically: When it comes to physical aspect, men and women are quite different. Hence, their problems in the way of losing weight also vary greatly.

Men have the hormone testosterone whereas estrogen hormone functions in women. This great hormonal environmental difference leads to a totally different body structure and different capabilities of losing weight.

The hormone ‘Leptin’ is also present in different amounts in both genders.

Let s talk about Leptin: You might wonder what this hormone has to do with weight loss. Well, the presence of Leptin in one’s body determines their appetite, metabolic rate, and certain signals related to weight gain or weight loss.

Leptin levels increase when you intake food, and decrease when you are not having anything. This produces a sense of hunger in a person’s body. If Leptin does not rise or fall to extremes, it means that your weight is stable.

Harsh diet: Dieting harshly is a nuisance. When you diet to the extremes, Leptin levels tend to fall too much and too quickly, which then makes it difficult for you to shed pounds.

This consequence of hard dieting could lead you to crash ultimately and all of your diet attempts may fail due to this. Some people who follow harsh dieting end up gaining weight at the end.

Women get affected mostly:  This uncontrolled rise and fall in Leptin levels happens more in a woman than a man. Hence, hard dieting for a woman is a nuisance. Harsh diet affects this gender really badly and they end up gaining pounds.

Men may be on the safer side: Leptin levels in a man can be predicted, that is, the rise and fall of this hormone in a man’s body is not too dramatic. Hence, men can follow calorie restrictive diet without fearing that they may crash in the end.

This explains much: It is now quite clear that men can enjoy weight loss easily, without spoiling their diet plan, since hormones and stats in their body make it easier for them to lose Kilos. Women on the other hand, need to design their diet much carefully to cope up with their hormone levels.

Dramatic hormone levels: The hormonal surges in a woman’s body are so dramatic. They swing from one extreme to another quite unpredictably.

Cheating may sound okay sometimes: Adding a ‘cheat day’ after a couple of days in your diet plan may actually help you to bring the leptin levels back up so that you can continue your diet the next day normally.

A cheat day means that you can have more food and can intake more carbs someday in between your diet plan.

Have a control on the cheat day too: Cheating means doing something bad. It is possible that you gobble up all what your hands can reach that day, including junk foods and sweet, which may lead you to overeating. You have to avoid that somehow to maintain the rhythm of your diet.

Eat-up’ day plan: Adding an eat-up day in the weight loss program is highly beneficial for the female gender, since they really need to bring up their leptin levels after a considerable period of dieting.

Eat-up days are more needed for a woman’s diet program than of a man’s.

Ways to find your Leptin sweet spot:

If you maintain your leptin levels accurately, you shall attain a faster rate of weight loss, even from the stubborn areas.

Metabolic override: It is quite a simple strategy for maintaining leptin levels in the body. This strategy is the single and biggest key to unlock your full potential to burn fat that is locked by your genetics all through your life.