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Aug 17

7 Clear Signs You Need to Hire an Attorney for Child Custody

Clear Signs You Need to Hire an Attorney for Child Custody

When you need to file for divorce and kids are involved, things can get complicated. Here are sure signs you need to hire an attorney for child custody. In most child custody cases, the decision is made outside of a courtroom. Twenty-nine percent of cases get resolved without any third-party involvement at all. Sometimes, though, the situation […]

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Sep 12

Why Drawing is So Important For Kids

kid is drawing

Art is a fantastic and important aspect in the development of your child’s life. Although their masterpieces might look like scribbles, they are actually building skills that they will use as they grow. Just as you will notice that writing and reading improve with age, so does children’s drawing skills. Children are naturally creative in […]

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Jul 18

How to clean your house- just 6 steps to follow

How to Clean Your House- featured image

When I was a little kid, I used to help my mother with small house cleaning tasks. Before I did this, I didn’t understand how much housework my mother actually did! Today, when I clean my house, it feels like a never-ending task. Cleaning the house can be a complex task and one that requires […]

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