Female 7 Best body transformation Workouts

Jan 11

Searching for the right exercise regimen can be frustrating. You’ve already tried some but to no satisfying results. You’ve set your goal of looking after your body for a better and stronger you, but experimenting and finding out which activities suit you is a cumbersome task!

Well, why not try this “Best 7 Body Transformation Exercise”?

Whether you’re a housewife or a corporate woman, you’ll find that these exercises are simple activities that you can actually enjoy, and proven to deliver results. Look great and feel great as you do these exercises. Strengthen your body and boost your confidence. Be always ready to carry yourself with that great poise and bearing.


1 . Jumping rope:


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For starters, you can do can do a set of 20 to 25 skips with repetitions. Take a break in between sets and increase your repetitions as you progress. In a week, you’ll see and feel a difference as you build your endurance for this exercise.This fun activity can be done with the kids. It’s simple yet burns lots of calories! All you need is a jump rope with the right length or tension and you’re good to go. Do an all out skipping in one minute and see how much sweat you’ll break. Just be sure that you do your jump rope in an open, safe, and clean ground. And like for other exercises, do your warm up first before you start your activity.

2. Squats:

Squats Exercise


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This is definitely included in a Body Transformation Exercise regimen. It’s a whole body exercise that targets multiple muscle groups; toning and strengthening the thigh area (quads and hamstrings), the legs, the buttocks, and the core area (abdomen and back). To reap the full benefits of squats, one should observe proper form when doing this exercise: the legs should be slightly wider than hip-width apart; when bending, the knees shouldn’t extend beyond toes; try to keep your back straight; and keep facing forward.

You can do this exercise with your hands free or with the added challenge of dumbbells. For beginners, do multiple repetitions of squats in 5 minutes, and just increase duration as you progress.

3. Push ups:


push ups

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Ladies usually shy away from this exercise because of the physical challenge it entails. But if you’ll look at it, it’s one of the simple, though not easy, exercises because you won’t need any tool to perform this. It’s worth the try because this exercise helps to effectively burn calories and delivers fast results.

To do this exercise: lie down in prone position (facing the floor); place your hands, palms touching the floor, near the shoulders; your elbows should be tucked and pointing inwards or towards the body; then, slowly raise yourself by your arms; hold your position for a few seconds and return to the first position.

For beginners, you can do a set of 3 or 4 repetitions, and increase the set as you progress.

4. Lunges:

Lunges in steps


This exercise effectively engages and tones the legs by targeting specific muscle groups in the lower body. For best results, do 3 sets of 8 repetitions, alternating sets for either legs, everyday

5. Swimming:

Swimming EXercise

Swimming Exercise

This is a refreshing and soothing exercise. It’s like a water therapy that alleviates depression. So you get two benefits in one: strengthening your core and overall body muscles while unloading your mind.

6. Running:

Women Running

Women Running

Is a perfect cardiovascular exercise! While strengthening your heart and lungs, it has the added benefits of improved digestion and reduced depression and also burns extra calories! Running early in the morning is a highly recommended treatment for patients with heart problems.

7. Cycling:

Cycling Exercise

Cycling Exercise

A great workout that can be done every day. This targets the lower body and strengthens the arms and back muscles. Cycling helps in the proper circulation of blood throughout the body, thus, it helps in reducing heart problems. It also helps in regulating the level of blood cholesterol.