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Jun 22

Questions to ask a Girl-Good way to discover Your Girlfriend

questions to ask a girl featured image

Making a conversation is an art. It needs 2 people with different interests. When you make conversation, you basically take a sneak peek in their life, discover their tastes and preferences and understand their basic nature. What questions to ask a girl is a completely important thing. If you don’t know the kind of question […]

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Jun 21

Questions To Ask A Guy- Know Your Boyfriend Or Crush Well

questions to ask a guy featured image

This world is all about conversations. Sitting around the people you love and have talks with them about your day and about your life. We people love sharing our thoughts and desires with the people we love. I hope you do understand that without asking each other questions, you can never have a good conversation. […]

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May 17

This Or That Questions For Fun Loving People

This or that questions featured image

There are many kinds of question games that can be played by people to spice up a party or to add some entertainment in a party. This or that questions game is one of the favorite games of every youngster as it offers them a chance to know more about other people. If you are […]

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May 02

21 Questions Game Questions & How To Play This

21 Questions Game Questions & How To Play This

People who are reclusive in nature find it difficult to start a conversation on a good note.  This is specially the case when you want to exchange a word with someone you like. So what should be done in such a case? I suggest 21 Questions Game is an ideal way to start a conversation. […]

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