Get Rid of Cellulite Naturally- Proven Way

Sep 10

Here is how to Say Good bye to Cellulite Naturally:

Extra fat deposit in the areas of the body such as hips, buttocks, thighs, legs and the waist and bearing those orange peel dimples can be a ‘curse’ for any woman. These highly undesired marks on the skin are termed as ‘cellulite’. Millions of dollars are spent every year for treating cellulite. But here comes some good news for people around the globe who wish to get rid of cellulite easily. Cellulite can be treated and removed NATURALLY. Many natural remedies for cellulite may be placed on your kitchen shelf without you knowing about it.

Many people actually get fooled when it comes to the treatment of cellulite, possibly because they have little knowledge about its causes and troublesome factors.

The truth about cellulite and its treatment

The fact is that, cellulite fat and regular fat are not at all different from each other. What actually happens is that, when a muscle atrophies, i.e., when its size shrinks, it leaves a gap in the skin through which the fat becomes visible and creates the cellulite appearance. Hence, all those products who claim to dissolve the so called ‘cellulite fat’ may be of no benefit, since there isn’t any such thing.  What we learn here is that cellulite removal has nothing to do with your skin. It actually has to deal with the muscles underneath. Although obese and overweight people are more likely to be affected, cellulite may also happen to skinny girls.

You can deal with the annoying orange peel dimples present on your skin by several natural ways.

 5 useful tips to deal with cellulite naturally

1. Keep away from the lotions and creams: Do not fall for the claims of many cellulite removing creams and lotions. They may not benefit you and you may seem to be wasting your money behind them. The issue is actually beneath your skin, so applying anything superficially is not going to help.

2. Keep away from Med-spa treatments: Besides lotions and creams, med-spa treatments won’t work either in eradicating cellulite. Instead, many such treatments like body-wrapping and endermologie have known to produce scars and injuries on the skin. Such treatments are highly expensive, but quite ineffective at the same time.

3. You can get rid of cellulite, it is not genetic: It is not that you are born with cellulite or that it runs in your family. Hence, do not go behind any product blindly that claims to provide you a 100 percent effective cellulite treatment.

4. Your age won’t interfere: As already mentioned, cellulite is caused by muscle atrophy. Hence, all you need to do is to target that specific muscle and strengthen it by appropriate ways. Age is not a big issue in cellulite removal by muscle strengthening.  Specific movements are designed to strengthen a specific muscle. Such moves are not vigorous or too straining and you can perform these at the comfort of your home easily.

 5. Target you lower body: Cellulite mostly appears on your lower body due to the bulge of muscles and fat present there. Hence, the only appropriate natural way to ward off these unattractive dimples of your skin is to strengthen your lower body muscles. Specific moves have been designed for it, which are quite simple to perform. These moves concentrate on lifting, toning, strengthening and shaping the muscles, and also in pushing them towards the skin, so as to diminish that gap which allows the fat to seep through it, producing cellulite. Such moves cannot be learned from a gym. Instead, these moves are designed especially for cellulite removal.