Romantic Good Night Quotes for Couples

Jun 26
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Being in a relationship brings a lot of responsibilities, every day. Night is the most intimate time for lovers, but for those who are spending their nights far away from each other, quotes can keep the flames of love burning between you.

After a long hectic day, it’s beneficial to have a nice talk with the love of your life and share some amazing good night quotes, before you fall asleep.

Love is all about expression. When you make the time to express your feelings to each other, your relationship will be on the right path, for a loving life together.

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Good Night Quotes

goodnight quotes

  1. As you close your eyes to fall asleep, I want you to remember all the things that I love about you. Allow me to take you to our personal heaven where it’s only you and me
  2. The sun is getting restless as it is his time to leave you. The moon is cheerful as she will get to spend happy hours with you
  3. Nighttime is the longest time away from you. But I will not leave you alone, as I will see you soon in your sweet dreams (find out what does it mean when you dream about someone)
  4. All I want for you is a sheet full of good dreams and twinkling stars to accompany you all night. Have a nice night sleep my love
  5. Before you sleep, I want to take you in my arms and kiss you to take away all the stress from your mind. Have a lovely sleep
  6. The moon peeps through your window to see how beautiful you look while you sleep. Allow it to admire your magnificence while you rest your head
  7. Night walked to you to convey my love and say Good Night
  8. I will spend sleepless nights to reach you and just to be with you my love. Have a good night
  9. Stars are tempted to see your sparkling smile. Let them envy you as you shine more than they can ever do
  10. I have something for you that’s big, warm and fuzzy. It’s my hug that will embrace you completely
  11. I have sent my love through the night breeze to touch you and kiss you before you fall asleep
  12. As the light fades away and the world goes “shush” to let you take rest, embrace in the arms of night and take a sweet sleep
  13. When the night breeze touches my body, it reminds me of your touch. I wish I could be with you at this moment
  14. Let the sun go down on his knees and the moon rise above to take you to the land of sweet sleep
  15. Go to sleep my love, I will meet you when you knock on the door of my dreams
  16. The moon is stretching its arms and inviting you to go to the dream land where I am waiting for you.
  17. I made you a promise once, I will never leave you. By coming to your dream each night, this is me keeping that promise
  18. Your voice surrounds my mind. It’s your sweet voice that takes me to a different place when I am asleep. It is the place that belongs to us
  19. I made the moon convey my love to you. So before you sleep, take a good look at it and cage me in your eyes
  20. I can’t stay away from you. So I asked my dreams to give me some space where I can meet you every night

Good Night Quotes For Her

goodnight quotes for her


  1. Good Night to my princess. I will meet you in your dreams where we can be whatever we want to be
  2. Let the moon sing you a lullaby and stars kiss your eyes. Here is me wishing you a happy night
  3. I stare at my window all night and think of you. I wonder how you look when you sleep and I think I would love to know
  4. The night is taking baby steps and tries to reach out to you. Make my dreams your pillow and my thoughts your sheet and cover yourself with me before you go to sleep
  5. Taking rest in your arms would be like a dream come true. Good Night my love
  6. I would love to cover your pretty wings and give you a safe place to sleep
  7. I want to become a dream so that nothing can part us from each other, ever
  8. If I was wind, I would have blown away all your tensions. If I was rain, I would have touched you and given you the most refreshed experience. But I am a thought who will always be with you, no matter what
  9. Stars are sleeping and you are in your bed too. I just came to wish you good night and say that I love you
  10. Give me love when I visit you in your dreams. That’s the only way I fall asleep
  11. I have become a sweet dream who will come to you and stay with your forever
  12. I have asked the stars to take care of you while I am away at night
  13. Don’t think that I am not around. I am like air, you can’t see me but you can always feel me
  14. I wish I was a night butterfly, I would have reached you
  15. My nights are restless because that is the only time when I don’t get to be with you
  16. It is becoming difficult to spend nights without you. I want to be a dream and get into your head so that I can meet me every night
  17. I will make you night castles, when we meet in your dreams tonight
  18. Take some rest my love, I am coming straight to you as soon as you close your eyes
  19. It is said that night brings pleasant surprises for everyone. I think I got mine when I got you
  20. The stars have started falling after seeing you on earth

It’s not just the good night quotes that you can send to her; there are a lot of cute things you can say to your girlfriend all the time. Saying sweet and nice things alone, can make her day.

Good Night Quotes For Him

goodnight quotes for him

  1. I love watching you asleep, as it is the time when I can quietly admire you
  2. Good Night my love, I will become a night butterfly and reach you as soon as you get into the dreamland
  3. Night is given to us to see the dreams and we get to use days to make them true. Let’s use this night for our togetherness and we will make it happen soon
  4. The moon and the stars have reached your window with my love filled message of good night
  5. Night has made it easy for me to reach you. I will follow you in your dreams and then we can be together
  6. I hope you have a nice night nap and you wake up with many new hopes and delights in your life
  7. The good will follow your nights when you have purity in your heart
  8. Thanking god for giving me a chance to see you in the day. I promise to keep you with me at night
  9. Take a deep breath and think of me while your mind slowly puts itself to rest and opens a gate for me to take you in my arms
  10. I love it when you sink inside my heart, saying that you love me
  11. The day was good. Let’s make a perfect night
  12. You are like my perfect star with whom I want to spend my night
  13. Go to sleep darling, my love will accompany you through the night journey
  14. Each day I thought that my dreams will come true, but then I saw you and you became my dreams
  15. I see you in my days and I see you in my nights. You are that person who accompanies me throughout, in my mind
  16. Spending my nights with you was a great choice to make. You give me everything in dreams that we can’t achieve in the day light
  17. Night is for lovers. That is why I can’t leave you alone at night
  18. Stay in touch with me through the passage of night
  19. You are like a drug to me. I want to spend my days with you and my dreams don’t reach me when you are not there
  20. Even if I don’t see you the whole day, I know our night will always be together

Girls, your beloved will be more than happy to receive the quotes above, and there are also some sweet things you can say to him at all times of the day.

Funny Good Night Quotes

funny good night quotes

  1. You might not get a chance to kiss me in the day time but at night I am all yours
  2. Sleep is becoming a unicorn. People say it exists but I want to see it to believe
  3. I want to sleep but my brain just can’t stop talking
  4. Dreams are the things that allow you to do all you desire. Get into this world and be the ruler of your fancy
  5. Look under your bed tonight, maybe all the scary dreams are about to come true
  6. Make the best of your night and date the girl of your dreams. In reality, she will not even let you touch her shadow
  7. Anticipation is waiting in a new day. Let night flow by and connect you to a new day
  8. Here is wish for you to have a beautiful sleep
  9. Night allows you to customize your dreams? Where would you like to go tomorrow?
  10. With the little savings that you have, it is best suited for you to visit the world in your dreams
  11. Make the best of your night by eating your favorite meals in a dream, because you are on a healthy diet in reality
  12. Sleep sound and let people kick your ass when that sound reaches their ears and makes them furious
  13. To hold the hand of the girl whom you like, ask the night for advice
  14. Say your feelings out loud in your dreams. You don’t stand a chance in front of that beauty queen
  15. Be the best friend of your night sleep and allow it to serve you with beautiful dreams

Good Night Love Quotes

good night love quotes

  1. Making your nights a beautiful place for us to reside, is the only wish I make tonight
  2. I wish I could be in your arms right now, my nights would have been so much better
  3. I say good night not because it’s a formality. Just want to let you know that you are the last person to be on my mind before I go to sleep.
  4. I wish I was an SMS, I would have reached you in a second
  5. Having you in my arms is the solution to all my troubles. Please take me with you in dreamland
  6. The world starts losing its charm when you shut your eyes and goe to a different place in your sleep
  7. You are the light of my eyes. I always want to keep you with me
  8. I found a way to keep in touch, because you are always on my mind very much
  9. It would have been so much better if I could have taken you in my arms before saying good night
  10. You are my inspiration, who never encouraged darkness to shred our hopes
  11. I close my eyes and remember to say thanks for a beautiful day
  12. Every night my mind takes me on a roller coaster ride of thoughts of you
  13. Come to my thoughts and I will make sure to keep you there forever
  14. The moon has taken away my responsibility, to ensure that you have good night sleep
  15. I wish you a very good night and pleasant time tonight
  16. I heard your bed calling me at night and lay with you while we drifted towards our dreamland
  17. All my nights are about you. I meet you, I love you and when the morning arises, I come to you
  18. The angels guard your dreams and the moon sends you pleasant thoughts. I wish you a very good night my love while you make best of your time
  19. Let your eyes shut down for some time and your mind be free from all worldly troubles. Keep your eyes closed till I reach you
  20. Every time the night arrives, all I want is to kiss you tight

As I mentioned earlier, night is the time when you forget all your worries and want to be with your someone-special. But, when you can’t be there for them, use these beautiful good night quotes for her, good night quotes for him or to show your witty side, refer to the funny good night quotes.

Make a deal  to send these amazing good night quotes to the people you love and give them a  chance to feel it.

It’s your turn to let us know your opinion. Feel free to share your good night quotes, for the love of your life, in the comment section below.