Good Would You Rather Questions That You Should Try At Least Once

Dec 21

Here are 50 Good Would You Rather Questions You really don’t wanna miss. 

Good Would You Rather Questions

50 Good Would You Rather Questions

Good would you rather questions can make this game very joyous. You can play it with your friends or family. I remember when we were small, me and my brother use to play this game with our friends. Even when we use to go to our grandparents house, our mother use to make cards of good would you rather questions and we use to have so much fun during long car rides. When you play this game with your family, it turns out to be reasonably good. Everyone can have an opinion over those really funny and happy questions.

This game with the family can never be the same with the friends. We are more open to our friends and are exposed to being naughty with them. Questions usually get intense and indecent when played with friends. But there are good would you rather questions that can give you a delightful time, without tormenting someone’s feelings. So let’s head forward and unleash these questions for super fun

Here is the list of 50 Good Would You Rather Questions

  1. Would You Rather eat only melons for a day or only carrots?
  2. Would You Rather live in the region of the country that is hot for 12 months or cold for whole year?
  3. Would You Rather get a vacation to a new country every month or get cash?
  4. Would You Rather be a highly criticized movie star or politician?
  5. Would You Rather relive your school time once again or college life, if given a chance?
  6. Would You Rather be a very successful script writer or an averagely doing movie actor?
  7. Would You Rather sleep on wet floor for the rest of your life or never get to sleep ever again?
  8. Would You Rather lose your smelling sense or tongue?
  9. Would You Rather make money by selling your household stuff or by polishing shoes on a cobbler shop?
  10. Would You Rather earn twice your salary every month or get twice your yearly salary at once and not get anything for the rest of the year?
  11. Would You Rather always want to dress up in your pajamas or in a formal attire?
  12. Would You Rather learn every musical instrument or how to speak different languages?
  13. Would You Rather take a shower with ice cold water in winters or hot water in summers?
  14. Would You Rather go on a ride with your friend or attend a formal dinner with bunch of high profile people?
  15. Would You Rather sit in genius crowd and act smart or sit in bunch of morons and act stupid?
  16. Would You Rather smell a diaper or a garbage bin for 2 hours?
  17. Would You Rather be the most corrupt man of your country or a criminal who rob the bank?
  18. Would You Rather have your favorite Jimmy Choo for $1in sale or get to eat your favorite dish for the last time in life?
  19. Would You Rather be sent to space with your enemy or alone?
  20. Would You Rather have a healthy lifestyle with best family or have celebrity lifestyle without a family?
  21. Would You Rather shout everything you want to say or not able to talk ever again?
  22. Would You Rather be your girlfriend’s cell phone or her laptop?
  23. Would You Rather be able to read minds or send your thoughts to other’s mind?
  24. Would You Rather be a house dog with a funny name or a cat with a loving name?
  25. Would You Rather wear a bikini or a swim suit on your wedding?
  26. Would You Rather be a topper of your institution or the most popular guy among girls?
  27. Would You Rather be thrown under water or in a house that is put on fire?
  28. Would You Rather have a heart disease or cancer?
  29. Would You Rather want to die an ailing yet unforgettable death or unrecognized yet in solace?
  30. Would You Rather buy an island or a personal jet?
  31. Would You Rather survive without food for a month or without getting sleep?
  32. Would You Rather dream about prince charming or a royal man with no humanity?
  33. Would You Rather have super powers for a day or powers to be invisiible?
  34. Would You Rather be a character in Twilight series or in Harry Potter series?
  35. Would You Rather wake up in the morning without a hand or a foot?
  36. Would You Rather have swelled feet or hands?
  37. Would You Rather have your first novel launched or your first music album?
  38. Would You Rather be famous for one day or be a millionaire for a day?
  39. Would You Rather always travel alone or with a bunch of most annoying people around?
  40. Would You Rather use vinegar as eye drops or eat a bar of soap?
  41. Would You Rather put on 200 lbs weight or have swollen legs?
  42. Would You Rather roam aimlessly in the world or take one resourceful trip in your whole life?
  43. Would You Rather lose your vision of your sense of thinking?
  44. Would You Rather live without your car or mobile for lifetime?
  45. Would You Rather fall down from your bed in the middle of the night or being woke up by thrown in a swimming pool?
  46. Would You Rather apply lip gloss all over your face or brush your teeth with shoe polish?
  47. Would You Rather date a really short guy with pretty looks or a really tall guy with ugly looks?
  48. Would You Rather have all your hair turn white or be without teeth?
  49. Would You Rather have pink hair or blue?
  50. Would You Rather wear your pants in opposite direction or wrong shoes in each foot?

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Good would you rather questions are best to participate in this game as they don’t hamper anyone’s feelings. These questions are suitable for all kind of crowd. Have Fun!