Ultimate Guide on How to Keep Your Car’s Interior Clean

Jan 09
how to clean the interior of a car

My wife always gets angry at me for being untidy. So, I made the promise to her to start being more hygienic. That includes driving a clean car. Without cars, it is very difficult to move around, and these things can get very dirty. Cars are a little congested compared to the house that you live in. So, anything that you do in your car may leave noticeable traces behind. For example, every time you eat a packet of chips in your car you leave little bits behind. If your pets get in your car, dirt from the paws and hairs are left behind. If you do not consider cleaning, then your car might become the birthplace for dangerous contaminations. I did a little bit of research on how to clean a car interior and have developed a plan for cleaning. I cleaned my month-long dirt-bearing car interior based on that. So, here is your ultimate guide on car interior cleaning DIY.

Car Interior Cleaning Tools

Before you jump off to your car detailing, you need to choose the right car interior cleaning kit.  There are many car interior cleaning machines. But you do not need all of them. The right tools consist of a good portable vacuum cleaner, brushes, microfiber towels, leather conditioners, glass cleaners, UV protectants.  Here some of the tools are must but some depend on your budget. For example, if you do not feel necessary you can skip the UV protectants.  If you want to reduce your cleaning hassle, then you can use car garbage bins. Look for the best car garbage bins and install one in your car. Once you get all the materials needed for the car detailing, you can now plan for the cleaning.

How Dirty Is Your Car?

Now, you need to determine how dirty your car is. This can be easily determined by time. When is the last time you had an interior cleaning? You have to take an approach based on your answer to this question. I have made 3 types of cleaning based on this.

Car Interior Detailing – Weekly

If you clean your car on a weekly basis then your work is a bit easy. If you have the car garbage can then take it out of your car. If not, then pick up the garbage and throw those out of your car. Now take that microfiber towel and start wiping. Remember to wipe all the leather, vinyl, plastic and glass surfaces. For damping the towel, you can use car interior cleaning liquid. Take your floor mats out and brush off the dirt.

Weekly cleans will help your car to maintain a fresh look. But you need to clean your car interior extensively after a month or three.

Car Interior Detailing – Monthly

Personally, I think cleaning the car monthly is the best option. If you clean your car monthly, then you need to do some extra works too. First, conduct all the works from the weekly cleaning. Then comes the real part. Take out your vacuum and start vacuuming the inside of your car. Use different heads for reaching out difficult corners. Use a car interior cleaning brush to remove stubborn vacuum proof particles. You should apply a UV protectant for your vinyl parts. This protectant is not must, but it is highly recommended.

Car Interior Detailing – Quarterly

This is not a good option I think. Three months without cleaning will make your car super dirty and unhygienic. For this, you need to extensive cleaning. Firstly, perform all the steps from the weekly and monthly cleaning. Now, make sure that your leather and vinyl surfaces are protected. Also, clean and apply protector on all rubber doors, hood and trunk seals.

Most car leathers are tanned leathers. So, water will not hurt your car leather much. To clean the car leather, you must first choose the perfect leather cleaner for your car. You can find many articles on this. Then apply the leather cleaner in a small part of your interior. After that spread the cleaner solution with a sponge or an upholstery brush. Once done with the scrubbing remove the cleaning material with a damp towel. Now, dry the leather with a dry cloth towel. After this cleaning, apply leather conditioner and protector on your leather.

For the vinyl and plastic part, use car interior cleaner. Apply the cleaner and wipe it with a microfiber towel. Voila! Your plastic and vinyl surfaces are cleaned.

Car Interior Cleaning Tips

Following the above-mentioned techniques will make your car clean. But here are some extra tips to ease your work.

  • While vacuuming put a towel on the door jambs. This will protect your jambs from scratches. Also, vacuum the whole car part by part. Move your seats forward and backward to touch every part. For pet hairs use a vacuum cleaner with revolving brush.
  • Use toothpaste for removing pen ink from the leather seats. Pour some and then wipe it off.
  • Do not smoke in your car. Tobacco burning smells are on the most difficult odors to remove from your car.
  • Do not forget to clean the vents. Use cotton buds to remove the dust from the air vents. You can also vacuum the dirt out of the vents.
  • You might think that the ceiling has no dirt, but you are wrong. The ceiling is a big area and it absorbs a lot of dust. Use an upholstery brush to clean the dirt off your car’s interior ceiling.
  • While cleaning the console, take special measures. Take a screwdriver and a thin cloth. Now, wrap the cloth around the tip of the screwdriver and slowly run this through the crevices.

What are You Waiting for?

Follow all these steps carefully you will not need a car interior cleaning service. The work is pretty easy and fun. All the do it yourself works are fun I believe. If you have difficulty to understand any of the steps, then you can always see some YouTube videos. There you can see how the cleaning is done. Now go and clean your car. Happy cleaning.