Happy Birthday Wishes For all your Favorite People

Jun 15
Happy birthday wishes for all

Birthday is the most important day for everyone in a year. This is the day when you are wished by your near and dear ones. As a fact that not everyone is equally creative in using beautiful words and express their contentment on your birthday, happy birthday wishes are the ones that can make your feelings get exact words. Thanks to them who actually introduced birthday celebrations system and to all those creative people who make beautiful birthday wishes for the non-creative folks so that they can use them directly to express their love for the receiver.

The wishes can be sweet, full of blessings and contentment or witty but every wish is made with a sole purpose and that is to light a smile on the receiver’s face. You can get plenty of gifts but you will always remember that one wish that touched your heart the most. So that is why, I have made an assortment of happy bday wishes that you can send to anyone whom you love.

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Good Happy Birthday Wishes for all

Good Happy Birthday Wishes

Birthday wishes are especially made to make someone’s day as specially as you possibly can. These are the words that have the power to make someone smile and feel attached. You might not be a person with very good ability to use words and express your feelings but you can take help from the mind blowing happy birthday wishes below:


  1. Hey there! Happy Birthday and I wish you have the most mind blowing year ahead
  2. Heartiest birthday wishes for the most awesome person on this planet
  3. Birthday brings charm and today I take this opportunity to wish the most charming person on the earth. Happy Birthday
  4. Happy Birthday. May you have a great day and a very bless year
  5. Always stay glad and optimistic, I like that about you. Happy Birthday
  6. Your birthday calls for a huge celebration. May this day delights our lives for hundreds of years
  7. Happy Feelings, Happy Moments, Happy You, Happy Me, Happy Birthday
  8. Birthdays bring light and new hopes in our lives. May this birthday begins a new chapter of love in your life
  9. On your birthday, I take an opportunity to say that you are the most special person on this earth. Happy Birthday!
  10. Stay Happy, Stay Blessed, and Stay the way you are. Happy Birthday
  11. I will bake a cake, I will decorate the room, I will dance, I will party WHY? Coz its your Birthday
  12. I look forward to this day in the year when a person as beautiful as you was born today. Happy Birthday
  13. I let the candles keep lighting till you reach here. Happy Birthday
  14. A life is a journey too short. Let this birthday take away all your sad moments and give you fun time of life
  15. I wish you happiness and good luck for your entire life on this birthday
  16. Happy Birthday! You have always been an inspiration for me. I look forward for many more birthday to spend with you
  17. Birthday is a day to feel young not old. Many Many happy Returns of the day
  18. Your smile will grow wide; your grief will vanish this year. I wish you a very blessed happy birthday
  19. There is one day in my life that takes over all my sadness, that’s your birthday. Happy Birthday dear
  20. Wishing you a prosperous day and life on your birthday
  21. I brought a dress for your birthday, I brought new shoes and make up. I wish you a very happy Birthday now tell me the party place where I have to come!
  22. Age is just a number- you proved it right. Have a delightful birthday
  23. Wishing a special person a special wish from special me. Happy Birthday
  24. Thank you for coming in this world and lending your ear to me every time I had to share my talks. Happy Birthday
  25. Your birthday reminds me of all the good times that we have spend together. I wish to keep celebrating this day for the rest of my life. Happy Birthday
  26. Let your birthday begin with a pleasant sunshine and we will make sure to spread the light throughout the day
  27. On this birthday, I hope you get all what you fancy in life
  28. Make a wish, its your birthday today
  29. God graced our lives today by sending you to us. Happy Birthday dear
  30. Make merry today and live the day up to the fullest. Happy Birthday

Funny Birthday Wishes

Funny birthday wishes

It’s the parents and the elders of the family who will come up with sweet wishes, full of blessings. But the friends always try to find the wittiest wish for you to make your laugh. These wishes are a combination of humor and a secret note on how much your laughter and smile means for the sender. Therefore, we will now read about some funny birthday wishes that will help you in cheering up the birthday person:


  1. Its better to be over the ground than being under it. Happy Birthday today
  2. You are getting older day by day, happy birthday today
  3. Dude, this is a total kick ass day. On your birthday we wish you a kiss ass birthday
  4. I think you have started getting grey hair. Happy Birthday. Have a grey birthday
  5. You have grown and passed silver jubilee of your life. But hey, you look just like as if you were born yesterday.
  6. Come on, its your birthday. You are moving ahead towards ageing. Let’s celebrate
  7. Happy Birthday to a silly friend who is always crying for everything. May be see a happy part of you this year
  8. I wonder who was in command so that you had to separate from your mother. It must be Napoleon I suppose. Anyways, happy birthday
  9. I think you can now fearlessly light you birthday candles in our apartment, I already altered the fire department
  10. Welcome to another year of getting wasted with us
  11. Remember when it was your birthday and a candle factory catches fire. It was us who burnt the factory so that we can give you the largest birthday candle to blow
  12. Knock Knock! Who’s it? The Fire department. Oh, I called them because you were going to blow off the candles
  13. Another year towards death. Ha Ha Ha!
  14. What calls for a celebration is that you are spending another year towards a happy and fulfilling year
  15. I wish you live till you becomes toothless
  16. Men’s aging is like wine. The older the stronger. Women on the other hand ages like cheese.
  17. My friend one gave me fossil and it reminded me of someone today. Because its his birthday today. Guess Who?
  18. Wake up and lets booze. Its your birthday today
  19. No one wants to be any older than he already is. Why do you want to celebrate your birthday anyway?
  20. You have just turned 30 and you already started looking like 40. What’s the reason dude
  21. Looking young is no difficult. All you have to do is to hide your age
  22. Wish you to live till the time when all your hair turn grey and teeth fall down
  23. Let’s celebrate your birthday, you are losing the kingdom of being young
  24. Say goodbye to pimples. Your age will not let them sprout on your face anymore
  25. 16 shots for your 16th birthday
  26. To the world’s best secret keeper. Tell us your age?
  27. Happy Birthday old man. Have you brought your medicines yet?
  28. With every passing year, you are growing into cheese. More years go and more smellier you become
  29. There is only one thing that goes up and then doesn’t come down. Its your age
  30. On my birthday, I usually take a day off. But on my wife’s birthday, she usually takes a year or two off

Birthday Wishes For Friend

Birthday Wishes For Friend

Your friends are among the closest people you have. Their birthday is that one day when you can make them spend on you, what you call a party. Your friends are the people who bond with you more intensely than your siblings. They are available for you all the time.

So, you can very well understand their significance in your life. So it is important to send birthday greetings to a friend. I have made some great suggestions on birthday wishes for friends. Let’s check:

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  1. To the world’s best friend, your birthday means a lot
  2. I wouldn’t have understood what friendship is if this day hasn’t come. Happy Birthday dear friend
  3. I was walking by Hallmark when I saw this card and thought of only you. Happy birthday dear. You are and will always be my best friend
  4. We started with friendship and soon you became the closest relation of my life. I wish you a delightful birthday and a great year ahead
  5. Its only because of a friend like you, every day feels like a holiday and every hour calls for a celebration.
  6. You never change yourself because of the passing of time. I wish we can always stay together like this. Happy Birthday
  7. On your birthday, I wish you get the most gorgeous girl around
  8. I know your secrets, I know you good times and I have been there with you in your bad times. I wish your delightful period extends its tenure and gloominess vanishes in oblivion this birthday
  9. Its your birthday. Let’s laugh and make merry
  10. Ever since you have come to my life, you birthday became the happiest day for me
  11. I thank god to bless me with a friend like you, Happy Birthday dear
  12. Let’s make your birthday as happy as possible so that you can always remember it
  13. Good friends don’t get old. They grow up together forever
  14. I wish you a lifetime contentment and a blissful life ahead
  15. I am at a distance from you but our hearts will always be connected. I love you my dear friend. Happy Birthday
  16. I brought you a birthday cake. It has a princess on it just like you are
  17. To my dear friend, its your birthday and we all will be waiting for you at the cafeteria for a huge party. See you soon. P.S. Happy Birthday
  18. Happy Birthday to the most wonderful person in the world
  19. If you would have not born, I would have never found a friend like you who can stand by me forever. Happy Birthday
  20. I have been looking forward for your birthday so that we both can open your birthday gifts together
  21. I look forward for your birthday because your mother makes the best cake in the world
  22. I have spent many hours struggling for your gift and I found this one, A Mirror. Just wanted to say that you are ideal and one of a kind. Look into the mirror and lock these qualities for life
  23. Your love is a gift, Carry it with you always and forever. Happy Birthday
  24. We all need good around us and you are the good who has been making my life happy with every passing second. Happy Birthday dear
  25. I remember the time when we were together on your last birthday. Even when I am far off today, you have my heart with you. Happy Birthday
  26. We grow and grew apart from each other. But still your birthday means a lot to me.
  27. Today, you are stepping in another year of your life. May this be as lucky as you want it to be
  28. With all our crazy activities, I wonder how we managed to spend 20 birthdays together
  29. May your day be as happy as you make me happy every time I see you
  30. Wishing you a fulfilling life ahead. Happy Birthday Dear Friend

Best Birthday Wishes

Best Birthday Wishes

Best people in your life surely deserve best birthday wishes. Its all about how you collect fine words and use them so that the receiver can feel benevolent. If you lack in artistic skills and don’t understand how to make your favorite people’s birthday special then here are some quick birthday wishes for friends that can help you out in the situation:


  1. A birthday is the most amazing day of the year. Enjoy it to the fullest
  2. Set your miseries on fire today and light your birthday candle from it
  3. You deserve no less than the best. Wish you a fantastic birthday today
  4. I don’t know how to fit all these candles on such a small cake. Happy Birthday
  5. I look into the past and see how beautifully grown up you are. Happy Birthday again
  6. Wishing you a happy and healthy birthday, now and forever
  7. A person like you so sweet and calm deserve a national holiday on your birthday
  8. Another year gone and a new chapter is knocking on the door to begin. Welcome it with good thoughts in your heart
  9. When you will open your eyes today, the world will seem so beautiful. After all its your birthday
  10. Making the best out of a simple occasion is something that you do best. Its your birthday, live the day to the fullest
  11. Birthday is the beginning of another happy chapter in your life. May this one be filled with love and joy
  12. I celebrate being with your every day and today being your birthday, it needs celebration like Christmas
  13. Sending you warm and heartiest wishes on your birthday today
  14. On this birthday, count your age and not the wrinkles
  15. On this birthday, count the blessings that you have received and say goodbye to all the sad times
  16. This birthday, forget about the past and look forward for the beautiful future
  17. Good things happen to good people and you are the epitome of good. Good is on its way. Be patient and have faith. Happy Birthday
  18. Birthday is a new beginning that brings new hopes and new decisions to take. I wish you have a good one
  19. Make the memories of your birthdays and give a chance to your future self to see how cool you were back then
  20. Be an inspiration to yourself by making the best out of every occasion of life
  21. I was watching a TV show where I saw a witty and cool person such as you. I instantly reminded that its your birthday
  22. You might have grown a year older but everything about you is still the same
  23. Happy Birthday Big Girl. Hope this year you finally decides to tie the wedding knot
  24. Congratulations on spending another successful year of your life
  25. Its your birthday, take a day off and tell the world about it
  26. Do whatever you fancy on your birthday and hope it brings the finest delight in your life
  27. Birthday is an annual thing, it comes once in a year. Make sure to craft this day with tremendous happiness
  28. Surround yourself with the craziest friends this birthday and make a best day out of the usual
  29. Birthday wishes always come true. Make sure to ask god the best thing that you want in life
  30. Be it any cake you bake on your birthday, it can’t be as sweet as you are

Short Birthday Wishes

Short Birthday Wishes

You don’t like long texts to send on someone’s birthday? No problem. We have got some amazing collection of short happy birthday wishes that can make their day and fill it with contentment. Here are some great suggestions on short birthday wishes for your friends and relatives.


  1. May your birthday be as awesome as you are
  2. Happy Birthday to the most wonderful person I know
  3. I wish god never stop adding delight in your life. Wish you a very happy birthday
  4. Here’s wishing you all the good luck and success in life
  5. I am truly blessed to be able to wish best birthday to the most awesome person on earth
  6. I wish this birthday will bring you hundreds of pleasant surprises
  7. I thank lord for sending you in our lives today
  8. May the days come forward with lots of good wishes for you
  9. The sun has come up so early just to wish you happy birthday
  10. The night is young in your honor. After all its your birthday
  11. May you get thousands of gifts on your birthday today
  12. Wishing you a birthday filled with blessings and happiness
  13. May this day be filled with sunshine and glory
  14. Happy Birthday to the girl who made me smile and happy forever
  15. Happy Birthday to the guy who touched my life with love
  16. Every time I look at you, all I can see is almighty blessing me
  17. On your special day, I wish that you get all what you desire
  18. I hope this birthday of yours is as cool and sweet as you are
  19. Wishing you hundreds of year on this earth
  20. The more you grow, the beautiful you become
  21. May each passing day brings you contentment in life
  22. Its your Birthday. Party Hard and have fun
  23. I don’t need any Facebook reminder to remember your birthday
  24. I wish that chain of your birthdays reaches 100 and you get to experience this beautiful life for the longest time
  25. May almighty spread all their blessings in you today
  26. I wish we could celebrate your birthday for many more years
  27. I hope all your birthday wishes come true
  28. I wish you have a great day with the love of your life
  29. Birthday brings happiness and I wish you get it all this year
  30. Wishing you the most loving birthday today

Happy Birthday For Him

Happy Birthday For Him/boyfriend

Wanna say happy birthday to your boyfriend in the most romantic way? well I have brought you a perfect outlet that will help you in wishing him in the delightful way possible. Here, I have accumulated some of the best wishes for him that has the tendency to make his day. Let’s start:


  1. There is no better day in my life as today because this day brought you in this world, the love of my life
  2. Has it not been this day then I would have never been able to know what love really is. Happy Birthday Sweetheart
  3. I saw a falling star and made a wish to bring the most amazing person on this earth into my life. Happy Birthday
  4. Happy Birthday to the most amazing boyfriend in the world
  5. What could be better than expressing my love to you on your birthday? Happy Birthday sweetie. You are and will always be the one true love of my life
  6. Happy Birthday to the guy who stole my heart with his one stare and make me one
  7. Today on your birthday, I confess to be the luckiest girl on the planet only because of you
  8. Making you happy feels like my lifetime responsibility that I am please to take. Let’s start with today, Happy Birthday honey
  9. Your love has made me stronger and a beautiful person who is loved by everyone. Thank you baby. P.S. Happy Birthday
  10. While buying your birthday gift I realized that nothing could be better than lifetime commitment to be with you. Happy Birthday my love
  11. You are the prince of my heart and I owe the world of my happiness to you. Happy Birthday
  12. Your birthday means this world to me
  13. Making you happy everyday means something else, but today is the day that can’t afford to see you sad for a moment
  14. Having you in my arms while I whisper happy birthday in your ear seems like a perfect way to wish you
  15. Happy Birthday to the boyfriend who comes in the dreams of many girls but who belongs to me and only me
  16. I send my heart as your birthday gift my love
  17. Here I see in the mirror and all I could find is you in my eyes. I love you Baby and Happy Birthday
  18. God gave me my soul mate today and I thank them for this kindness for the rest of my life. Happy Birthday honey
  19. Having you as my partner is like a wish come true. I take this opportunity to celebrate this day with a lot of delight and love. Happy Birthday
  20. What makes today’s date special is that a prince was born today
  21. The beauty of today is only because you were born today my love
  22. I live for your smiles and cry with you on the sad days. That’s how much I love you. I wish you a very happy birthday because you are the one who means this world to me
  23. Thanks for accepting me as your partner and for all the good things that you have done for me. Happy Birthday
  24. I never fall down anywhere but when I fall for you, it was my best fall. Happy Birthday
  25. Happy Birthday Handsome! You became from a delightful catch to a perfect match in a very small time. I love You
  26. I wish the world’s best boyfriend a very happy birthday
  27. Your birthday shoots in a new spark in my allegedly boring day. I wanna spend this day in your arms and wanna give you the best night of your life
  28. Your birthday is not only increasing your age but it is also increasing our love
  29. Having to do something special for you seems like a blessing. I will make sure that I do complete justice with it. Happy Birthday Honey
  30. Having an amazing boyfriend like you is a life time achievement. Happy Birthday
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Happy Birthday For Her

Happy Birthday For Her/ girl-friend

The word “HER” refers to any women that we love. It could be our sister, mother, cousin, girlfriend or wife. But mostly, it is referred to your girlfriend with whom you can be extra nice and expressive. Birthday of your girlfriend is something that calls for huge celebration and a mammoth of surprises, but how will you start the day. Surely, it will be with a surprise birthday quote. So here are the suggestions on birthday wishes for her:


  1. Wishing the queen of my heart the happiest birthday ever.
  2. Happy Birthday the love of my life, I feel gratified towards this day that brought my princess in the world
  3. Your birthday is the best day of my life. I completely thank to god for this amazing day
  4. The one thing that I would like to confess on your birthday is that you are the most special girl in my life and your birthday means a lot
  5. Happy Birthday to the best girlfriend in the world
  6. This day when you entered the world is the most special day because an angel was born on earth
  7. Wishing the queen of my heart a very happy birthday
  8. I promise to make this day most special for you my love. Happy Birthday!
  9. You are the person who brought all the good luck and delight in my life. Happy Birthday my love
  10. Darling, I brought your favorite flowers today, WHY! Coz, its your birthday sweetie
  11. Happy Birthday to my girl. This day is the refreshing new start of another prosperous year in our lives
  12. Happy Birthday to the light of my life. I will make this day delightful beyond your expectations
  13. I will make sure that you never forget this birthday. Allow me to take you to our personal heaven my love. Happy Birthday
  14. The best part of recurring delight in my life is your birthday that brings light and love in my life. Happy Birthday
  15. I don’t understand how to celebrate the birthday of an angel. You are the one person who deserves best of everything and I will try to make it possible to the best of my ability. Happy Birthday my love
  16. Your birthday is the best day of a year to me
  17. Your birthday is as special for me as you are
  18. I might forget everything in the world but your birthday means too much to forget
  19. I might act stupid entire year but your birthday is that one special day when I am at my best behavior. Happy Birthday Darling
  20. Your birthday makes me do silly things in order to light a smile on your face.
  21. It brings much delight to celebrate the birthday of my favorite person in this world
  22. I am too lucky for having to celebrate the birthday of most beautiful girl in the world
  23. Allow my love to embrace you on your birthday my love
  24. I spend countless nights planning for your birthday and now when its hear, allow me to give you the best day of your life
  25. For every year, the most awaited day for me is your birthday my love
  26. Take my heart as your birthday gift this year
  27. I already sold you my soul. That is the best gift I could have ever given to anyone
  28. Your love makes me outdo myself on your birthday and make it the most special day of your life
  29. A huge hug from me on your birthday darling
  30. Sending you countless kisses and hugs on your birthday

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Happy Birthday Images For Her

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Birthday is that one day of your life that deserves to be treated with utmost delight. These are some great suggestions on Happy Birthday wishes that can help you in greeting your loved ones in the best possible ways. It could be the love of your life or your friends or family, everyone deserves your attention and love on this special day.

Make sure of crafting this day as the most delightful day of someone’s life. Add these happy bday wishes with your gift items and love to light a beautiful smile on the face of your loved one. Cheers!