Hard Would You Rather Questions You Wanna Give A Try

Dec 22

Here are 50 Hard Would You Rather Questions that only people with true dare will give a try. 

hard would you rather questions

50 hard would you rather questions

Hi, Guys! It’s time for New Year and lots of parties are waiting to be hosted and attended. Still thinking about the ideas to make them more happening? Well I have brought the solution with me. You must have heard about this game called “Would You Rather”? Well, this is my idea of making your parties a big hit among your friends. It is a game that will lead you to 2 options, i.e. whether this or that. You have to pick an option that you think is right for you. It is a fun centered game guys, and for those who have never tried it before, there is a tip of caution, go with an easy mind because your friends are all set to target you with hard would you rather questions.

But not to worry, you can also give them a punch back with the help of questions that I have assembled for you. Sshhh… It is our little secret! I will tell you about some awesome questions that you can ask your friends. I bet these hard would you rather questions will leave your friends awe-struck for a moment. Let’s check them out:

Here is the list of  50 hard would you rather questions

  1. Would You Rather be itchy for the rest of your life or smell like poop?
  2. Would You Rather drink your vomit or lick someone’s feet?
  3. Would You Rather have your hair replaced with your teeth or teeth replaced with hair?
  4. Would You Rather have pubic hair as your eyebrows or have no eyebrows?
  5. Would You Rather see someone making out every day or get watched?
  6. Would You Rather smell disgusting every time you burp or have a small smoky cloud formed around your ass when you fart?
  7. Would You Rather have a nose like a mushroom or have eyes like green pea?
  8. Would You Rather not being able to cough when you need to or have hiccups for the rest of your life?
  9. Would You Rather catch your parents making out or get caught by them?
  10. Would You Rather get life threats every day of your life or send someone?
  11. Would You Rather be a serial killer or a rapist?
  12. Would You Rather have sex with your pet and not have anyone to know about it or not have but let others think that you did?
  13. Would You Rather have a lot of hair on your body or have a lot of pimples all over on your body?
  14. Would You Rather be a bird or a tree?
  15. Would You Rather say I hate you to everyone you meet or get clapped by your boss every morning?
  16. Would You Rather lick a stinking man’s armpit or smell like crap for the rest of your life?
  17. Would You Rather be skilled but unrecognized or be dumb yet popular?
  18. Would You Rather wear snowsuit in a desert or stand naked in Antarctica?
  19. Would You Rather get bound to speak whatever is in your mind every time or never get to speak again?
  20. Would You Rather get stuck in traffic or wait for hours standing at a grocery store to get the stuff billed?
  21. Would You Rather have 10 kids of your own or not have any forever?
  22. Would You Rather be held hostage for next 20 years for your life or put in jail for 10 years without committing any crime?
  23. Would You Rather be a millionaire for a day or be poor for the rest of your life?
  24. Would You Rather have nonstop periods for the rest of your life or give birth to a baby after every 9 months?
  25. Would You Rather not have sex ever in your life or have it after every 15 minutes of your life?
  26. Would You Rather smell like puke all the time or keep puking every morning you wake up?
  27. Would You Rather die instantly in a horrible car accident or die slowly with an ailing life?
  28. Would You Rather chop your fingers or pop your eyes?
  29. Would You Rather have boils all over your face or your ass?
  30. Would You Rather have a camera in your mind that can broadcast what you are thinking every time or stay naked for the rest of your life?
  31. Would You Rather know everything about your life and die in a month or lead miserable 100 years?
  32. Would You Rather be beautiful and dumb or ugly but super intelligent?
  33. Would You Rather get insulted by everyone you come across or die in next 5 minutes?
  34. Would You Rather have sex with a dog or with a horse?
  35. Would You Rather get married to a person who loves you unlimited or have unlimited money but a horrible heart?
  36. Would You Rather surprisingly become a monkey or see your partner becoming one?
  37. Would You Rather want to see your future or go to your past and amend what you spoiled?
  38. Would You Rather hear same song for the rest of your life or not get to hear any ever?
  39. Would You Rather have a happy life when other thinks the opposite or you have miserable life when people think you are a happy person?
  40. Would You Rather receive a lap dance or give it to someone?
  41. Would You Rather have a body like a football or a tennis racquet?
  42. Would You Rather dig a ground and bury yourself or you peel the dermis from your face.
  43. Would You Rather magically become parents or grow 60 years ahead of your age in next 5 minutes?
  44. Would You Rather eat snails or poop bricks?
  45. Would You Rather hurt your head hard with a brick or eat cockroach?
  46. Would You Rather have knives for your hand fingers or forks as your foot fingers?
  47. Would You Rather pluck your nails from the flesh or break your teeth punching your face?
  48. Would You Rather have a head of a golf ball or a football?
  49. Would You Rather fart every time you go in front of your boss or have troubling diarrhea when you are to meet your blind date?
  50. Would You Rather pick nose publically or dress up like Mask in a family dinner?

Enjoyed these Would you rather Questions ?? How about some would you rather dirty Questions to play with your the other significant one.

So what do you think guys? These are really awesome and awesomely hard would you rather questions that you can ask your friends, whenever you play this game next time.