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Feb 12

5 Medicinal Plants You Can Use to Improve Your Health

medicinal plants and their uses

Before the arrival of the modern medical industry, medicinal treatments, and synthetic chemical resistance against various health issues, there were plants, herbs, and elixir-like potions (a mixture of various herbal medicinal plants) that were used to cure different physical ailments and sometimes life-threatening diseases as well. The ancient civilizations knew how to use various medicinal […]

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Jan 24

5 Benefits of Yoga and Meditation in Stress and Depression

Benefits of Yoga and Meditation in Stress and Depression

Stress and Depression are problems with the human mind which have been ignored for a long time. By many cultures, they are still considered to be completely internalized issues which are self-inflicted when science and reason have proved time and time again that they should not be treated any different from serious illnesses. Before opting […]

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Dec 30

3 Reasons to Visit a Dentist- Get Good Oral Health

Why should you visit a dentist

Almost all adults know the importance of keeping their teeth clean and healthy. Their parents teach them this habit from a very young age. They assume brushing it twice a day with a good toothpaste is more than enough. Many of them consider the occasional flossing to remove stubborn food particles. This is the reason […]

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Aug 12

16 Ways to Get Rid of Stress and Anxiety

Owing to our day-to-day hectic schedules, we have to remain on our toes all the time. These activities can keep us busy to the brim, thereby leaving little time for us to de-stress. Such a busy schedule thus causes us to suffer from anxiety and depression. But working hard does not always have to be […]

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Aug 03

What to Eat Before Spin Class: Complete List of Foods

foods to eat before spinning classes

Putting together the perfect healthy breakfast can be a challenge especially when you plan to hit the gym afterward. The essential thing to keep in mind, in this case, is to always choose only nutritious foods that tick all the important boxes. After all, your body has different needs when it gets engaged in intense […]

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