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Jun 01

How To Stop Your Period Faster with 10 proven Natural Ways

How To Stop Your Period featured image

I really hate it when I see commercials of sanitary napkin brands on the TV, claiming that by using their brands, you can have carefree periods. But seriously, Is it all about a sanitary napkin? It doesn’t even matters what kind pad is being used because the killer part is the pain that you have […]

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May 21

How To Make Your Period Come Faster- 10 Risk Free Ways

How To Make Your Period Come Faster- 10 Risk Free Ways featured image

It is always so annoying that every time whenever there is a special event, the periods come. It is like an internal alarm that spoils all the charm of every occasion. That is why every woman follows the same questions- How to make your period come faster? Periods are trailed by high degree of pain […]

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Jan 11

Female 7 Best body transformation Workouts

Female 7 Best body transformation Workouts

Searching for the right exercise regimen can be frustrating. You’ve already tried some but to no satisfying results. You’ve set your goal of looking after your body for a better and stronger you, but experimenting and finding out which activities suit you is a cumbersome task! Well, why not try this “Best 7 Body Transformation Exercise”? […]

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Sep 24

3 Exercises to Lose Weight in 20 Days


The extremes of sedentary lifestyle and busy schedule pose a lot of health problems. Coupled with unhealthy diet, lack of proper exercise cause obesity and the train of lifestyle diseases attached to it. Today, we’d like to recommend some exercises that are proven to deliver positive results to your weight loss program. It’s not as […]

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Sep 10

Get Rid of Cellulite Naturally- Proven Way

Here is how to Say Good bye to Cellulite Naturally: Extra fat deposit in the areas of the body such as hips, buttocks, thighs, legs and the waist and bearing those orange peel dimples can be a ‘curse’ for any woman. These highly undesired marks on the skin are termed as ‘cellulite’. Millions of dollars are spent […]

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Sep 09

Drop 3 dress sizes easily in a week

Men and women have a completely different physical build up, and a totally distinctive hormonal set up. Do you think that losing weight would be similar for both the male and female? Well, the answer to this question is ‘absolutely not. Recent scientific researches and experiments have led to the invention of modern diet programs designed […]

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