Beautiful Hot Girl Names With Meanings

Jun 08
50 Best Hot Girl Names With Meanings

Congratulations! It’s a girl. Soon after you here these magical words after your delivery, you just thinking about the names. Rather I would say that soon after you discover that you are expecting, the thoughts about the name of your baby start whirling in your head. Now when the world is changing, you don’t want your baby girl to be addressed with an old fashioned and vintage name. You need hot girl names option to make your choice so that your girl after growing up can thank you for giving her a lovely identity.

Do you know how significant it is to name your child carefully? In this context, you will have to think about the future and not about the past or present times. Name is an identity that every person carries with them to their grave. So it has to be very interesting that can never go out of vogue. So in the urge to help you with hot girl names, I have summoned a list. Find the hottest names below:

50 Best Hot Girl Names With Meanings

Hot girl names with meanings

So as promised, here are some interesting names for your baby girl:

1. Mia:
A short sweet name that refers to “Mine” or “Highly Liked”. It is an interesting small name that your girl will surely love.

2. Kate:
 Well Kate is a beautiful name, mostly referred to internal beauty. I have personally seen the girls with name Kate are extremely hot and seductive 

3. Emily:
Sexy as this name might sound, the meaning is quite subtle. Emily is basically a Latin name with a deep meaning called “Hardworking and Generous”. Your girl will love this name. 

4. Natalia:
Doesn’t it just sound so sexy to hear- Natalia? Yes, it is a beautiful name most likely as if calling a model or a team cheerleader. However, it means “Appeal” 

5. Jessica:
This name is one of my favorite. The meaning of this word is “Beautiful as Goddess” or “Incredibly Stunning”. The name has the power and it is proved by this beautiful name 

6. Jackie:
Well, this name has been picked from the male version of names called “Jackie”. Basically it is referred to “God has been gracious”. It is no new name but the charm is still there. 

7. Amelia:
how cool will it be to call your daughter as Amelia? It sounds so seductive and sexy. But alternatively, it means “Industrious”. It is a great combination of beauty and brains. 

8. Danielle:
Danielle means someone with highly affectionate, friendly and kind nature. As I said the names have power and this name really justifies its meaning to a great extent. 

9. Sophia:
A girl with a perfect figure and a lot of sex appeal that is what we mean by the name Sophia. Parents that don’t know the meaning of this name their daughter Sophia and give an eye candy to the world 

10. Jessie:
Jessie is a typical English name with a great meaning. This name is quite popular in America and it means “Wealthy or Rich”. It is quite a common name but still have the appeal 

11. Alison:
It is another perfect English name that you will find quite a lot in America. Originally it was derived from a French name Alizon and it means fragrant. 

12. Spencer:
Spencer is a name that can be used for men and women. It basically means a “Keeper of a province”. It is a strong name that refer the strength of a person 

13. Hannah:
Remember Hannah Montana? I have picked this name from there. It means favor or graceful. A perfect name for beautiful girls. 

14. Molly:
Well, Molly is kind of a nice funny name. Speaking hilariously this means someone who smokes a lot and gets wasted. It is an Irish name that means “Bitter towards the bad” 

15. Elizabeth:
Well, the name has royalty in itself that is why it was the name of a queen- Queen Elizabeth. It is a perfect English name which means Royal. 

16. Kelly:
This name relates to mixed emotions. Basically people with mood swings suits best to this name. It includes joyous, aggressive, etc. 

17. Grace:
It is indeed a graceful name. It has been derived from Latin but quite famous among English people. Basically it means “Famous or Popular”. 

18. Lacy:
It is a naughty name and the meaning is also hilarious. It resembles to the people who don’t take their decisions by thinking them through. Basically they are the carefree people. 

19. Whitney:
Mostly it is the name of the girls that are very cheerful but at the same time, the girls who are very conscious and protective about themselves. 

20. Riley:
Its not only the name of a girl but it can also be used for guys. However, the qualities of girls with this name are strength, dedication, strong body, etc. 

Best hot girl names

21. Lucy:
It is a French name and it means light. The light of positivity. Basically this name also refers to sunshine or morning. 

22. Taylor:
As it is clear from the name, it can be used for both- men and women. It is a British name and it means “to cut”. It is a perfect name for sharp girls. 

23. Charlotte:
Well, this one certainly ranks among hot girl names as it sounds seductive. But the meaning of this name is feminist and tiny. It is a French name. 

24. Megan:
The name Megan has been used by people of various cultures in English countries. However, it means “Pearl”. In America, this name has been quite liked. 

25. Selena:
Selena is basically referred to the moon goddess. It is a Greek name and quite popular among English people. It is the best name for your daughter. 

26. Haley:
Haley means outrageous and someone who is carefree and doesn’t take anything too seriously. The girls that I know with this name are very carefree with huge tattoos on their bodies. 

27. Elena:
It’s like a shining light coming out of nowhere and that is what Elena means. This name has the spark and your daughter will definitely love you for it. 

28. Michelle:
Well it is a famous French name that is used in many countries. Basically it means the devotee of God. It is a pious name to give to your daughter. 

29. Maria:
Maria sounds quite hot when pronounced. It is a European name and it means the ruler of the provinces. 

30. Candice:
Candice is a common name among English people. It means beautiful and the hottest woman on the earth. People with this name are truly beautiful. 

31. Paige:
It is a nice English name. However, its meaning will put you in bewilderment. Nice as the name is, its meaning is a “Servant”. Yet due to the grace of the name, people quite use it in English countries. 

32. Kennedy:
It is a rich name with its meaning resembling to it. The meaning of the name Kennedy is Rich and Famous. Thus a person who knows about the meaning of this name likes to fashion it to their new born baby girl. 

33. Jordon:
This name can be used by men or women. It is quite popular in Israel and it means “flowing downwards”. You can also resemble it to people that are very down to earth.   

34. Ashley:
It is a traditional English name and it resembles to people who are very fond of nature. Also in some other countries, the meaning of this name is “Person who lives under tree”. 

35. Jenna:
Jenna is basically a shorter version of Jennifer. Yet it is quite common in America and other English countries. Basically it means flawless or White- means spotless. 

36. Samantha:
This one is another quite popular girl name that has been originated from Hebrew. The meaning of this name is “Listen to the god” or God’s Listener. People are quite fond of this name. 

37. Chloe:
As per the English definition, Chloe is a very healthy and helpful herb that is used for various health benefits. Many American girls have the name Chloe 

38. Claire:
It is a Latin name with a very positive meaning. It means bright light towards enlightenment and positivity. A perfect name to give to your child. 

39. Cece:
It is a very sweet name with a simple meaning. Basically it means sweet fragrance. People quite like this name because it is small and easily recognizable. 

40. Darcy:
It is a brilliant and quite liked Irish name. Darcy is referred as the descendent of the Dark. This one can be used for both men and women. 

hot girl names according to sexiness

41. Rosalie:
It’s a very pious name as the word Rosalie refers to the beaded neckwear that is used to chanting prayers for god. It has been derived from Latin and it is also referred as Rose. 

42. Rebecca:
Rebecca is no English name but still you will find many American girls that are named as Rebecca. It means a snare. Mostly the girls that are too beautiful that everyone falls in their trap are named as Rebecca. 

43. Shay:
This world has its own related meanings in different languages and traditions. It basically means a Fairy’s Palace or a dream home with god’s grace. 

44. Ella:
Ella is a traditional English name that relates to a beautiful fairy. The parents that totally adore their baby girl name her Ella. It is a beautiful name and quite common in America. 

45. Victoria:
The meaning of this word is quite obvious. It has been derived from the Latin word for Victory. So it means a conqueror- someone who knows how to win. 

46. Bella:
I would say that this name means someone who is highly determined of getting what she wants. She is not scared of the hurdles that comes in between but she is meant to achieve 

47. Rene:
Well, this name has been picked from French and Spanish traditions. Rene means masculine and fit. People with these names quite live up to it. 

48. Jamie:
I first heard about this name in one of my favorite movies “Friends With Benefits”. It has been said that name Jamie relates to a girl who is easy to convince for make out. Well, the girl in the movie was something like that too! lolzzz 

49. Ivy:
This name relates to women who are beautiful but over ambitious. Such people are usually poisonous and have the traits to go to any extent to get what they want 

50. Laurie:
this is another perfect French name with a very deep meaning. Laurie relates to a person who is very dedicated towards God. It is basically a believer of super natural, God and known as the non-skeptic. 


Your baby girl is a blessing to you. She deserves best of everything. And that is why it is quite essential for you to fashion her with a beautiful name. The love novels have most incredible names. Oh of course, you can find the hot girl names just here. I hope you can find some interesting choices from the list I mentioned above. These are some of the choicest names that your daughter will love. Please share your beautiful names with us in the comment section below and allow us to add future options into our database. Have a great Day!