How Can You Tell If A Girl Likes You-The Sure Signs

May 06
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Woman is the most beautiful creation of God. And as a matter of fact, their concealment about themselves and their feelings is something that fascinates most of the men. Men and women are very different in certain ways. At a time when you can easily find out all the secrets about men from their eyes, women conceal themselves with an enigma that makes it hard to be certain on what they actually feels for you. That is why I have seen many men struggling with the question on how to tell if a girl likes you. This is a million dollar question and for all the men who have feelings for some girl, the answer to this question will help them in unlocking the secret.

Are you also looking for how to know if a girl likes you? Well, worry not, because I have got answers to all your questions. We will study the concept called How to know if a woman likes you and by the time we reach at the conclusion, you will have all the answers. So, shall we begin?

Here is, How to tell if a girl likes you

There are many interesting ways that can lead you towards the answer of how do I know if a girl likes me. You must have not focused on these things but girls usually give you plenty of such signs. So since we are going to discover about the girl clan, let me tell you a secret, the ground attributes of all the girls are the same. Their actions, talks, gestures, etc. are the same. So it will be easy for you to discover if she is into you or not, with the help of these easy signs. So how to tell if she likes you,

let’s dive into the 20 signs that answer your Query “how can you tell if a girl likes you ?”

1. She is always around:

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Have you ever seen girls wanting to be around you more than you want to be around them? Well, the fact is that she will only want to be around you if you mean something for her. Their mental and emotional conundrum is something that is not easily explicable. She will make excuses to be around you like self inviting her for the event where you will be going, making herself available whenever you want her to accompany you some place. A girl who loves you will always stay near and around you. And this is the biggest sign she likes you.

2. Oh! That’s my favorite color:

How many times have you seen a girl wearing the color of your choice? Well, it is hardly a coincidence but a deliberate attempt to seek your attention. Girls are rather sweet and very naive in expressing their feelings for a man. They take help of these sweet little tricks and want a guy to understand that she is totally into him. She will wear your favorite color and try her best to seek your attention. But this is not an occasional stunt but you will usually find her dressed in the color of your choice. So, if you want to know the signs a girl like you then you must keep a close check on the color she is wearing usually.

3. She avoid the odd guys:

Genuine guys usually like to stay away from the bullies and guys who like annoying people. That is why they are extra protective about their girls and make certain to protect them from such low lives. But a girl can show her love towards a boy when she keep herself at the distance from every such person whom he doesn’t like. They don’t have to impress the love of their life by doing so but they genuinely make an attempt to maintain a distance from every such person who he dislikes.

4. She Listens:

Guys don’t like blabbing or gossiping but whatsoever limited they like to talk, a girl who fancy you will pay attention to every single alphabet coming out of your mouth. She will listen and she will remember everything you say. This is another way how girls show their love for a guy when she never interrupts him while he is talking and no matter how boring the subject of discussion is, she will listen to everything with a sweet smile on her face. Even if you are sounding dumb or stupid, she will never break your lines and interrupt. So listening is the next important point in our guide called: how to tell if a girl likes you.

5. She laughs at every silly thing coming out of your mouth:

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While other people will not give any heed on what you are saying, she will be the only one finding every pathetic joke coming out of your mouth as the most hilarious thing. This is a fact that women smile and laughs on everything when they are in love with someone. This is their own way of supporting you and expressing their love for you, without using any words. So you want an answer on how to know if a girl likes you, make certain to know if she laughs a lot with you.

6. She always says YES:

While other people are busy in their life and they don’t have time to accompany you to events where you want to go, she will be the only one with a forever YES on her lips. This is a very exciting pattern. Have you ever noticed if she wants to go to you for the movie that she has been discussing for months that it will be the biggest failure of the year? Does she say yes to accompany you on the most boring art event in your city? Or any other place where she would have never gone alone but only say yes to spend some time with you? Then she is definitely into you.

7. She talks a lot about you:

This one is my favorite and the best way to know if she also loves you. You can ask her friends or if you guys have common friends, you must take their help in learning their secret detail about her. Girls love to talk about the guys they love. They keep blabbing on how cool they are and how they treat them like princess and much more. This is a perfect way how you can be sure if she is into you or not. Just muster all her friends and ask for their help. If they agree, they will tell you, whether or not she talks about you a lot. If you get a positive answer then this is inevitable that she is into you.

8. Looks To Me, I am Special:

She will always do some extra efforts for you. Who other than your mother will put extra efforts to make a day or a moment special for you? It will be the girl who loves you. So has she been doing extra work to make you feel happy and contented? Oh then guess what? She is love with you dude.

9. Shows extra contentment on your surprise visits:

signs a girl likes you sign-9

The only thing that delights her the most in a day when you surprisingly appear in front of her. You got to see the contentment on her face when she sees you and that smile is what that says all about her feelings for you. So this kind of things when you become the sole reason of her smile is the one thing that defines her feelings for you.

10. Initiates the First Touch:

Take it from a girl, she will never want you to touch her aimlessly, not even an accidental touch. But when she is into you, she will be the one initiating the touch. She could reach to your hand in public or she will hold your arm repeatedly after some time. These are some gestures that alert a guy that she has some strong feelings for him and she will not mind if he will hold her hand.

11. She always remember everything:

It was your mother’s birthday last week, and she remembered that. Its your convocation day and she remember that. This is the day when you first drove your car independently, OMG, she remembers that too. Is she like that? Does she always remember everything about you? Well, then I guess the answer is clear. She memorizes about you because she is writing a book on you.. ROFL! No dude, she is in love with you. That is why she has every detail about you embossed in her mind.

12. She wants to meet you every day:

A girl who is into you will try her best to meet you every day. It could be an accidental meeting or a planned one but she will make her best attempt to come in front of your eyes as much as she can. If you think about this deeply, why would a person wants to take out time from their busy schedule and meet you every day? Why would you do this for anyone? Don’t you think the answer will be the same in all the cases? Yes, it will be. So if she is doing so then you no more have to look answers for how can you tell if a girl likes you.

13. She wants to know all about you:

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Have she ever took deep interest in your conversations? Is she always trying to explore more about you by asking you questions about your past? Is she interested in knowing more about what you are planning for your future? Well, these are the symptoms of her being in love with you. Girls only take interest in the past and future of a guy when they wish to know all about him and be a part of his future. If she is doing so then she is definitely on a mission to make you a part of her future life.

14. She never like when you talk about other girls:

Did she ever try to space out the subject when you are talking about other girls? Have you ever noticed any kind of restlessness on her face when you show interest in one of her friends? Then what do you think she is doing all this for? Come on dude, she is totally into you and you are still looking for how to tell if a girl likes you. If you feel the same for her then stop troubling her with crazy girl stories and express your love to her. She will definitely say Yes.

15. She is always boosting me towards right:

Why would someone spend their time and energy to support you. You are just friends but she is always there for you, to motivate you and push you in the right direction. So what do you think she is getting from it? Its your peace of mind. And I guess you should know that whether you are at peace or not will only matter to the person who loves you. So these are another brilliant signs a woman likes you. If you have any such woman in your life that always motivates you whenever you are feeling low then she is definitely having a thing for you.

16. She will support your craziness:

Mostly, this kind of love happens between school time friends, what we call the young love. Because that is the time when you don’t fear being crazy with the one you love. If the guy will do stupid things then the girl will follow him with an equal level of craziness. But if a girl is not into you then maybe she will take a pass by calling you crazy. So guys, if she is equally crazy as you are and not accompany you with the stupid things that you do then she is totally into you.

17. She will prioritize your likes over her own:

Well, girls are a little generous and that is why they keep their happiness aside when it is compared with the people they love. She will accompany you with black coffee even if she hates it. She will also accompany you in the worst superman movie ever. But if you observe, will every girl do the same for you? Apparently not! Only the girl who wishes to be more than a friend to you will do all these things for you. Its only because she loves you and give more importance to your happiness than her own.

18. She will tell you all about her day:

Beside her friends, it might be only you with whom she would share her day long experience. Girls are known for their lively and talkative nature but to be honest, they don’t like sharing their secrets or telling them day long tales to people who do not matters to them. You must be someone special that she wants to share her day long experience with you. This is another solution on how to know if a girl likes you. Just spend some time with her and find out how she communicates with you. If she has started to open up with you about her days then she is definitely into you.

19. She reacts when you are not around:

Girls take the dates very seriously. If you have promised her something then no matter what, you will have to live up to your promise. But this is only the case when you mean a lot to her. If she asked you to meet some place and you didn’t show up then believe me, she is going to react. If she does then these are the signs she likes you. So it is mandatory for you to appear at the place where you have promised to meet her. And if she reacts way too much then she is definitely into you.

20. She will notice every change in your routine life:

Whether it is a new shirt or you have changed your hair style, she will notice every single detail about you. Mostly women never comments or notice much in the people they are not interested in. If you are just a friend then she will never complement you or notice the change unless it is huge. But if she is taking care of every single transformation in you then she thinks of you more than a friend. So guys, this is another very interesting gesture that women do to convey their feelings to men.

Final Words:

It is a deep subject- how to know if a girl loves you, because men usually finds it difficult to understand even if the girl is very clear about her feelings. That is why I have assembled some simple attributes that every girl does who wants to convey her feelings to a guy. Usually girls don’t wait for a guy to initiate if they have feelings for him. But sometimes, they just want the guy to make the move. That is why, if she is sending you signs about what she feels, it will be definitely listed among the list above. Read and discover new love in your life!