How To Tell If A Guy Likes You-The Obvious Signs

May 03
How To Tell If A Guy Likes You-The Obvious Signs

Do you know, Love is a very enigmatic feeling? It is very hard to guess if a person is in love with you or not. But girls are smarter than guys and they usually finds out more quickly if a guy is interested in her. But at the same time, some guys are sharp enough to not to let you know their exact feelings about them. So, how to know if a guy likes you? This is a funny question because women do stupid things in order to get the answer to this question. But now you don’t have to worry anymore.

If you are struggling with the same question then I guess I have some information that can help you in finding if he is into you more than a friend. There are some gestures done by all men of this world that defines his feelings for you.

How to know if a guy likes you- 25 Obvious Signs

So this content is about the signs he likes you and on how to tell if a guy likes you. I hope you will find it productive and informational. Let’s begin:

1. Speaking it Out:

how to tell if a boy likes you- Sign-1-saying that he loves you

If a guy is telling you that he likes you then without doubting him on it, you should believe it. Guys are not very direct in expressing themselves on you. They take their time and their gestures are the ones that can give you a clean hint about how they feel. But it certainly depends upon the nature of the guys. Some people are very expressive whereas others want you to understand their feelings for you with the help of a gesture. So first thing that I would like to tell you guys in this comprehensive guide on how to know if a guy likes you is that if he is saying that he likes you then you must believe it.

2. He Stammers:

You will find this witty but guys usually start stammering on their first date, especially if they find you super hot. Well, it might not be stammering but their apprehension is quite visible. They will think a lot while they answer to whatever you are asking. Then they will talk slow and make sure that no wrong word comes out of their mouth. Mostly this is the case with the people who believes in love at first sight. If they find you very attractive and these attributes will start bouncing up on the horizon, letting you know that he is interested in you. Go girls, keep an eye on this one!

3. Lots Of Smiles:

how to know if a guy likes you- sign-3-He smiles a lot with you

Love has the tendency to initiate blush hormones in your body. When you usually come across the one you like, a smile comes on your face. When you look at them or when you talk to them, the smile is that one thing that refuses to fade away from your face. If you are meeting a guy regularly and he smiles at you and his smile never leave his face by the time you are around then it is a sure sign he likes you. So girls, smile is that one thing that always express that something is on his mind and you can prepare yourself for a relationship now.

4. You Move He Moves:

Love works like a magnet. Even if you are moving in a group, the person who has feelings for you will always try to stay as close as possible. I remember when I was in college, my husband use to do the same things. I use to send hours on arguing with me friend on how do I know if he likes me and she then told me about this great sign. I even tried it on him when I stood alone somewhere and among the group of 8 people, he was the only one to come back and take me along-with. That was the time when I knew that he is totally into me.

5. Special Attention:

So is he giving you any kind of special attention? The attention that he never gives to any other girl? If yes then sweetie, it is the perfect sign that he is in love with you. There are some basic characteristics of men and they go same with every guy. They want their lady to feel special when they are around and especially when they are trying to impress her, they will always put in some extra work to make her feel out of the ordinary. So if you are struggling on how to tell if a guy likes you then you might have to keep your eyes open to figure out some special efforts being made.

6. You are Different:

When you are in love, these lines don’t look cheesy at all. If you are not in love with someone or wants them to be comfortable with you then hearing these things will make you feel scratchy. But at the same time, if these words are coming out of a person that you like then you instantly start feeling yourself as being someone very special on the planet. Every guy finds the girl he is interested in as different from the lot. Ever if he said that “you are different” with a conscious smile on his face then he means something romantic.

7. Kind Of Flirting:

Flirting is the signature move that tells many things. It is up to you how you take it but flirting is the definition of describing your feelings for the other person and keeping them hidden under your charming self. If some time you feel that because of your flirting, the girl you like has started to feel uncomfortable; you can always claim that you were kidding and get yourself out of the situation. So guys use this technique a lot of time and under their witty self, they usually describes you their feelings. Now it is completely up to you on how you take it.

8. Wear Your Favorite Color:

You might think that this is quite a conventional move but ladies, it always works. So for all those who wants to know on how to tell if a boy likes you- you need to check the color of his clothes. Especially when he is around you, he will dress up in your favorite color; wear the cologne that you like the most. This is the information that guys kind of extract out of your system very soon and then start giving you clues about their feelings by taking care of your likes and dislikes.

9. We Have Same Interests:

how do you know if a boy likes you- He puts the similar interests

Hobbies describes the kind of compatibility that you guys can expect with each other. However, the guys have very different types of hobbies than girls. But a person who is interested in you will make your interests as his. If not much, he will carefully listen to you and try to experiment according to your hobbies and likes so that you both can have something in common to talk and do.

10. Lots Of Coincidences Are Happening:

Have you ever noticed, sometimes when you go somewhere out, all of a sudden the one you like comes across and try to pretend that it was a coincidence. Actually its not! Guys like to see what the love of their life is doing at a moment of time and wherever possible (if they know where you are), they will definitely show up at the spot. Every time coincidences don’t happen. Sometimes there is planned coincidence that is featured like as if it happened surprisingly. So notice the pattern if you are asking yourself on how to know if a guy likes you.

11. Long Aimless Talks:

So how much time do you guys spend talking aimlessly? If this time frame is increasing with every passing day and the guy is the one to stop you from disconnecting the call then it is a clear sign. Guys don’t like talking much and they only talks aimlessly when they are trying to know you. Believe me ladies, once you say yes, they will start quitting phone conversations and would prefer to meet you in person instead. So long aimless talks can show you a clear picture about what the guy wants from you.

12. Friends Are Not Such A Good Secret Keepers:

While moving in a group, the friends of the boy will always do some stupid gesture that will help you in understanding on what’s going on there. They will tease him every time you will say something or if you are new in the group, they will always make you sit next to him, talks about him as much as they can, especially when he is not around. Their acts are the thing that expresses your feelings for her. Friends start being extra conscious about you when they know that one of their best friends has feelings for you. This is a clear sign.

13. He is Too Forgiving:

You will never see a guy to be this forgiving as he is in the initials of the relationship. No matter what you do, he will always say “Its OK” with a huge smile, even if he is too pissed at you. These are the perks that you do not enjoy once you have agreed for a relationship. This happens mostly in the case when you reach for the date very late then scheduled time. They will wait and they will never express you how much they have waited for you. So if you are struggling on how to tell if a guy likes you, this is the right way to be sure of.

14. Instantly Demanding To Be Friends On Social Media:

Social media has become so common these days and because it is not very personal, people usually begin by asking to be friends on social media. So, if a guy is asking you to be friends with him on social media instantly after the first meet then definitely he is showing interest in you. Suppose you have met him on a party with a bunch of other people and he only asked for your social media account then clearly he is taking extra interest in you.

15. Jealous Much:

how to tell if a guy likes you-Sing-He is kinda jealous

Guys who feel something for you can never stand the idea of you being with any other guy. Even if you are not so good friends, he will always give you some negative vibrations on the niche. This is something that is absolutely unacceptable and the jealousy will be displayed unknowingly. Every person has a different way of expressing jealousy as some people are blunt enough to say it on your face whereas others keep asking you questions about the guy you are meeting. This is a perfect sign he loves you and you must never avoid it.

16. Decent Touch:

Women have the tendency to judge a person’s feelings with his touch. And this is also inevitable that they will never let you touch them if they don’t feel the same for you. However, the guy who is decent and have genuine feelings for you will never make you feel uncomfortable with his touch. So you need to sense the touch closely and assimilate if howsoever he is touching you, you are accepting it positively or not.

17. Tell Me Something About Your Family:

No friend takes personal interest in your family at the initial meetings. But same is not the case with the one who claims to love you. If the person is genuine then he will definitely take interest in your personal life, enquire about your parents and ask if you have any siblings. This sound strange right? I mean people don’t wanna get involved in your family stuff, getting to know about your family unless they want to be a huge part of it. It is also a perfect method to impress a girl.

18. Comforts You:

how to tell if a guy likes you-sign- he comforts you

for most of the people of the world, the first step before going in a relationship is to be friends. This is the time when you can notice many things in him. If you are equally interested in him and are juggling with the fact on how to tell if a guy likes you then I suggest you start asking him for instant help. No matter how busy he is, how much he is involved into other activities, if he loves you, he will make himself available for you.

19. Hey, I Too Read This Book:

signs he likes you-Similar interests

Common interest means everything. I was watching “How I met your mother” yesterday and there was a time when Ted goes to a doctor’s clinic that he loves with a book. He thought that the girl also liked that book so he deliberately took that book to the clinic, just to give her a clue that he loves her. So the moral of the story is that even if a guy is least interested in the author or the book that you like, he will always pretend to like it to catch your attention. If he is doing so, cross question him on certain things and if he doesn’t give you satisfactory answers then this means he is into you.

20. A Lot Of Complements:

No matter if you are dresses nicely or not, does he always come to you saying “You Look Beautiful”? Well, this is the time for you to stop struggling on how to know if a guy likes you are understand that he is into you. Only a person that has feelings for you will find you amazingly stunning in no matter what you are wearing and whether you are greatly dressed or not. They will also complement you with equal zeal when you show up wearing your night pajamas. So complements are the clearest ways for men to share their feelings with the girls.

21. A Lots Of Sorry:

However, girls don’t like apologizing much but if you have a person in your life who steal every chance from you to say sorry then he has a soft corner for you in his heart. Anytime when he has got a slightest clue that you might be mad on him, does he comes up with an instant apology? If so then this is another major sign of him being in love with you. Guys love pampering the girls they fancy and apologizing over every small argument is a way of them expressing that love for you.

22. OMG! You Remember That:

You can never ordinarily expect a guy to remember dates or special moments. And if he is doing so, then sweetie he is all yours. So stop juggling around on how to know if a boy likes you because he just gave you the clue of the century. Have you ever seen your brother or your father or you friend to remember every important date of your life? I am sure the answer is NO because men can only take care of these details for the girl they love, only the romantic love.

23. Never Uses His Phone: 

How annoying it is when you are sitting in a restaurant and the other person is busy on his/her phone. Well, you will never see same thing happening when you are out with the one who loves you. He will always keep his phone on a side and will hardly touch it to take a call or a message. This is also a big sign that he is into you. Otherwise he will never miss his important calls or messages, only to spend an hour or two with you.

24. Always Asking You To Talk For Few More Minutes:

My friend always comes up with a question- How can you tell if a guy likes you? Well, I have my own ways of finding out. There is a difference between a friend and the one who is pretending to be a friend. If you know the difference then you will never ask how to know if a guy likes you, because you will know that already. If he is also pleading you to spend some extra minutes with him, whenever you pick up your bag to leave then this means something. You will never find guys to ask anyone to spend more time with them, especially when they are getting late to be at some other place. But if such an extra attention is being given to you then certainly you are not just a friend to him.

25. When Every Naughty Dialog Ends With A “NOTHING”:

This is the gesture that you will notice after spending some time with him. Guys are shy on describing their feelings for you. But have you ever noticed that whenever you say something and he murmurs in a low tone and on asking about it he always comes up with “Nothing” and a shy smile on his face? Well, this is a sure way to understand that he is into you. Most of the men have a habit of doing this and women get to know that they are clearly hiding their feelings.


Guys are least expressive and they don’t leave their cocoon of shyness very soon. It’s you who will have to make him express himself, if the feelings are mutual. You wanted to know how to tell if a guy likes you so I did but it is you who will have to observe the changes in his attitude. Love is a beautiful feeling and if someone is longing for your companionship then I thing you must definitely give him a chance. To be sure, just make sure if he is doing any of the above mentioned tasks. If yes, then there is no point wasting time. You must also start giving him clues about your feelings and encourage him to express himself.